Sunday, March 25, 2012

A Baby Quilt Top.

I finished this quilt top last night. I am pleased with how it has turned out. The friend it was for is now having a girl, but I love how the way things turn out, just recieved news on Facebook that another friend has just had a baby boy, so I'll finish it and mail it her way.

Hindsight is always great.... I should have maybe moved the third row, second block in, to the left, so the orange is balanced out a bit more. But..... I always seem to sew them in the wrong layout anyway!

This is the back. All those loose threads, dark blue against white. Ekk, I'll have to cut them as they will show up. Wish I had some black batting!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

March Block Obligations Dusted!

I am finding I don't get much time to sew in the week. But I can stand at the sewing desk and cut. So this week I cut all these 2.5 inch squares for Ad's block for her round of the EB 2012 Quilting Bee. She requested Granny Squares.

They came together very quickly. It's going to look great when they are all put back together.

I also whipped up these two blocks for Karen. She wanted double four patch blocks for her 10 year old son. I dusted off the small seletion of brown, cream and black to sew these. Hope she likes them!

Monday, March 19, 2012

A Star Table Runner.

Is table runner two words or one? I finished this on the weekend. This is a detail of the back. I made one extra star for the back.

I added some extra stips and a fat quarter of a print in the same range. It measures 15 x 46 inches.

On the table in action. Can you spot the fault? No? Good, cause I'm not telling you!

The flat againt the door shot. Still not seeing that fault? Good! Next photo....

Just a simple stipple all over, easy, effective and fast quilting. This one is a "just because" present for a friend up here who has helped up recently with some teaching stuff for Grace. She is in her late 50's, the more subdued colour scheme will suit her house. You know what I mean!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Blue and Orange.

My friend who excitiedly told me a few weeks ago she was pregnant, has now told me that the ultrasound shows it is a girl! And here I am making a blue quilt! I am determined to finish this one before starting on a pink version. Having a baby quilt in the cupboard is always handy and I just have to finish things, don't like the idea of leaving these blocks in a zip lock bag for whenever.

So here are 24 sqaures trimmed down to 5 inches. It was going to be 5.5 inches but a few were too small and so rather than sew more to them, thought I'd just reduce the size. The fabric is all from the stash, haven't brought any fabric since the Christmas spree. I'm going to sash these with 1.5 inches of white and then either smaller squares around the edge or just crisp white. See how it looks.....

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Milly's Persuasive Argument!

Is Homework a Good Thing? by Millie Simpson

I believe that homework is absolutely fantastic becasue it can get your Mum and Dad's atenchen.

I think homework is really cool because you are learning and when you grow up you will probley be a teacher and how can you teach when you down't no eney thing?

I think homework is grat for kids because if you are learning it is verey good because it stops you from wouching T.V.

I totally absoluldy completely belive that evreyone should have homework.

There you go! No arguments from me on this one! Go Milly! The first merit certificate of the year. Congrats Milly Moo.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Another Tablerunner!

Have finished the top of this runner. I am impressed with how quickly it has come together but really it should come together quickly as its such a simple design! Still trying to find a place to photograph stuff in this new house. On the laundry door here!

I have it sandwiched, ready to quilt. Milly has been spending too much time on the wii this weekend, so I booted her off and she came and drew at the table while I pinned away.

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Stars, stars, stars!

I finished these on the weekend. It was a three day weekend, so I got a lot done! Wouldn't it be nice if every weekend was a long weekend?

So these stars are for AJ. After I completely stuffed up the first lot of material she gave me with these odd looking stars! These ones look much better, I am sure she will like these better!

She sent me enough for three blocks which was very nice of her!

And she inspired me to make this star block. It is the start of guess what? Another table runner! I'm using from the stash a Kona solid called Honey Dew and the prints are from a range called Filigree which I brought mid last year and have sat in the green drawer since then. It feels good to be using from the stash.

Monday, March 05, 2012

The Orange Runner Finished!

I made the deadline! Had a binding issue as I didn't have enough of that deep orange, so had to break it up with some spots. It measures approximately 30cms x 80cms.

I peiced the backing too. I'm hoping she likes it as she didn't open it there and then..... guess I'll find out tomorrow.

Sunday, March 04, 2012

The Orange Runner.

Okay, the challenge of sewing a table runner in 5 days... easy! I knew the birthday girl who it is intended for likes orange and I knew it had to be a quick design, so I selected some orange fabrics and made these little squares. The brown peice of paper underneath had a rough sketch on it of how many squares, their position and size. Once they were made, then I added the orange to the sides of each square.

And then more orange to the top and bottom to join them all up and I got this!

Let the quilting beginning! I popped the ipod on to ignore any demands by the children as I have till 6 tonight to have the binding on, label, wrapped and the card written! Time to stop blogging and get back to it!

Friday, March 02, 2012

The New Boat!

Great excitment yesterday. We picked up our brand new boat!

Daz has been doing the research for the last 12 months, we looked in Perth when we were down for Christmas and last year when up in Darwin, so it hasn't been a snap decision! We had a "what are we waiting for?" moment the other week, took it for a test drive last weekend and well the rest is history now!!

Yesterday we picked it up and had a drive out on the Lake. It got the thumbs up from Grace.

We drove past Elephant Rock. Can you see why it is named that?

It is so lovely being out on the water. It is a long weekend here in Western Australia, think we may be taking the boat out!