Saturday, November 07, 2015

Pink and Purple Cathedral Windows from 2012 Finished!

Well, I have finished this quilt and it has arrived in it's new home so I can blog it. I forgot to take the measurements before mailing it off but one of my helpers behind is about 150cms tall and you can't see her so it must be a bit bigger than that! As mentioned earlier in this blog, the blocks were received as part of a block swap back in 2012, the Bee FF 2012. I have kept all the cards and notes that I received with each block, thank you to Anita, Sarah, Karen, Saudi-Laura, Tia, Lynn, Laura and Louise. Its an amazing quilt and I can't believe I waited so long to sew it together.

The photo shoot didn't go as smoothly as I had hoped. What do they say? Never work with small children or animals? What about a 11 and 12.5 year old??! The girls are starting to giggle here and get tired of holding it up...

Grace asking can she go inside now. "My arms hurt Mum!"

And she is off! Leaving poor Milly wrapped up and me yelling "Don't let the quilt fall on the grass!!"

A close up of the middle of the spiral, with those famous combi vans! Once again I made the mistake of quilting in an anti clockwise direction. It got a bit bulking in the neck of the machine there for awhile.
Here are my quilting specs for next time:
Pressure dial on the back of the machine - 2.
Upper thread tension - 4.8.
Stitch width - 3.
Stitch length - 3.
Top thread - Aurifil 50.
Bottom thread - Aurifil 50.
Direction of quilting - Anti clockwise spiral.

Sunday, November 01, 2015

Happy 11th Birthday Milly!

Matilda turned 11 today. Our beautiful, kind, loving, smart, artistic, musical, bookworm, minecraft loving daughter is 11. She still lets me do her hair in the mornings, she still crawls into our bed on the weekend for a "morning cuggle" and she asks me every night if I am ok.
We had a party down at the Country Club pool, 9 of her friends for pizza and a swim. We all came home exhausted! Happy birthday Milly Moo!