Monday, September 30, 2013

Pinwheel Runners

I purchased these charm square packs earlier this year and have made some pinwheel blocks. For those who know their fabric lines, it is Kate Spain's "Cuzco" line. I brought it because it was pretty. Slowly I trimmed and sewed them into these two table runners.It was going to be one big long table runner but friends at my local monthly quilting group talked me out of it saying that would be a looooong runner. Glad I listened to them! One measures 41 inches and the other measures 50 inches long. They are both 30 inches wide.

Back and forth straight quilting again. I love the texture it gives. I have rolled these two up ready for the season of gift giving in December to arrive.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Recycling Red Squares.

I'm recycling table runners. I've dragged this one out... Chopped one of the blocks down a bit and resewed it back together. From this...

 ...back in June last year. It was a baby quilt but then got chopped up to become two table runners.

I still have one stashed away in the emergancy present drawer. 

And now I am quilting it. Straight up and down quilting. I was thinking about pebbles but it's so straight looking, the soft curves of all over pebble quilting would look odd.