Monday, January 18, 2010

Graduation Day!

Last night was the night! The official end to our journey that has been Daz going to University. He got to wear a funny hat and a Harry Potter gown and then we got to go and drink champers! It seems like only yesterday that we were waving him goodbye for his first day and now here we are packing ready to go to Kununurra, this time next week we will be there!

Congrats hon, proud of you! Proud of all of us for surviving the year! We did it!!!!

Friday, January 15, 2010

52 Fridays - A Self Portait Challenge - Week 3

Week 3 already. Is it too early in the year to admit I am getting cold feet about signing up for this challenge? 52 photos of me? Why Helen? Why?? 48 to go! Let's dive right in....

This weeks theme was to take a photo of part of your body that you like. We tend to immediately point out the things we don't like rather than focus on what makes us feel beautiful. I have always liked my eyes, even though I am short sighted and need to wear my glasses to drive and watch telly. See? There we go! Immediately focusing on the bad things of the good things! They are either a blue or a green or inbetween depending in the light or maybe my mood. See the glint of madness in them today? Today was the official packing day for the move. I hate moving. I like the excitment of a new place but the actual moving, yucko! But don't my eyes look nice though?!

This is only one corner of the house, I am pointing to the box marked "sewing items". Unpacking that box is still a few weeks away!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Christmas Mail.

I had some Christmas splurges on fabric arrive that I realized I hadn't blogged. I just have to post something to stop seeing myself glaring down at me from the last post!

I got these few meters of some favorite basic prints from Cow Lane Patchwork who were sadly going out of business. I say sadly cause it is sad to see an Australian fabric shop go out of business. But when you see how strong the Aussie dollar is and the fantastic choice online, well....

And these goodies from here. What was I saying about the Aussie dollar being so great? It is so hard to resist! Bit of Kaffe inspiration, 40 charm squares to add to the collect of Kaffe charms I am collection for what reason I don't know yet. They stuffed up in my order though, I was supposed to get 4 of the Santorini charm square packs but only one arrived in my parcel. So a quick email was sent and the other 3 arrived last week.......

And these groovy bucket hats were waiting for us when we got back from Rotto earlier this week. AJ made them for the girls, they love wearing them in the pool as they are lightweight, easy to squeeze out the water and put back on the head, they are great! Thanks AJ!!!

Friday, January 08, 2010

52 Fridays - A Self Portait Challenge - Week 2

Well that week crept up quickly.... We loosely talked about theme's in the group and came up with first thing in the morning. A scarey thought indeed. I am grumpy in the morning, don't function correctly till I have half a cup of coffee in my system. For this shot I put the camera on auto timer and placed it on the floor. My PJ's don't match and gee whiz I need a haircut!

On happier news, we found out yesterday where Daz's placement is! We are moving here. Couldn't get much further north of Western Australia if we tried, 3,247kms north to be exact..... Next weeks portrait will most likely be amungst moving boxes...

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Summer Holidays.

It seems that we are on an endless Summer holiday while waiting for Daz's placement. Not that we are complaining about where we are waiting! We couldn't be in a more perfect corner of the world here. Visiting lighthouses...

Catching our own dinner fresh from one of the reef's....

Watching Daz cruise around in what the girls call the Blue Rocket.

Walking along our favourite beach. See that rock in the distance on the left?

This shot is taken on that rock!

As you can see, we are having a great summer holiday. Hope the sun is shining in your part of the world too. Who know's where we'll be this time next month?

Saturday, January 02, 2010

52 Fridays - A Self Portait Challenge - Week 1.

Sarah has invitied me to join a group on flickr, 52 Fridays, A Self Portrait Challenge. Which I admit scares me as I hate my photo being taken, who doesn't? It's all about "because we are learning to accept who we are, not who we were". So here I am, week 1. Photo by Grace, holding a drawing of myself drawn by Grace.

We had bit of an artist studio out the back, I got the girls textas and got them to sit still for 10 minutes while I drew them. They were happy with the results. I thought Daz's portrait was close to spot on?!

Friday, January 01, 2010

Goodbye 2009!

1. Mystery Quilt Finished!, 2. Grace's Rainbow Log Cabin on Bed, 3. Dissappearing 9 Patch Baby Quilt., 4. Maverick Stars Dolls Quilt, 5. Sarah's placemat., 6. dqs#6 finished!, 7. Mini Flower Quilt, 8. Ruby's Soriee Cuddle Quilt, 9. Dissappearing 9 Patch Front., 10. Meredith"s Runner, 11. Candy Stripes front, 12. honey bun quilt finished, 13. Both placemats together...., 14. Grace with Blue & Green Quilt, 15. helenswonkyhouse, 16. DQS#7 both versions finished, 17. KQI Quilt for Sarah, 18. KQI Kept for me, 19. Squid Eye Quilt Finished!, 20. honeybunrunner-finished, 21. EB Dolls Quilt Swap #3 Front., 22. Birdie quilt in book #1, 23. Christmas Table Runner #3, 24. Christmas Table Runner #2, 25. christmasrunner1finishedfront, 26. highlights artistic shot, 27. Christmas Tabke Runner #6., 28. MIL's Quilt Top.

What a year! Finally finished Grace's Rainbow quilt for her bed. Started and finished a quilt for our bed. First published quilt!Poor Matilda's quilt is still a WIP. Lots of swaps as always. 2010 is an adventure await our family. Daz will start his new profession as a teacher, Milly will start full time school. I am playing with the idea of going back to study myself when we are settled. No real resolutions for me. I am hoping to go here in May. I'd like to get another quilt published. I'd like to also finish this quilt. That one has been on my to do list for the last two years.....

Talking of swaps, Susan is opening up round 8 for the flickr dolls quilt swap for those who have been hanging out for a swap now the frenzy of Christmas sewing is over.