Wednesday, October 29, 2008

WIP Wednesday - Week 38 - Three Wonky Squares

I'm cross with blogger tonight. This photo in photoshop is crystal clear and its blurred here. And why can't it be as wide as the photo in the last post? Booger blogger!

So one square has become three....

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Stash Sunday - Week 4.

Yes I know its Tuesday and I am only posting my Stash Sunday post now.... opps! We went away for a few days to Rotto and although it is beautiful over there, no internet access for us. I tell Daz if he ever end up living over there we are soooooo getting one of those mobile broadband thumb drive scuzzy drive thingies!

So without any further ado, this week we are up to the blue drawer! The think I noticed about this collection is there is a lot of blue spots, a lot!

This one is a favourite, it is the only snowflake material I own! It doesn't really go with anything, I have no idea what to do with it besides look at it and admire how pretty it is. :)

Friday, October 24, 2008

DQS Five - Starting again....

Thanks for all your lovely comments about my ideas for the start of the latest Dolls Quilt Swap. But it is just not w.o.r.k.i.n.g! It is not turning into reality how I imagined! I realized after I did the above circles and wondered what zing was missing, it was cause I have done these dark on the outer to lightest ib the middle, so it looses that fresh, crisp look I was aiming for. But after spending time cutting these out I thought I don't want to cut out any more to realize it is still not working so I pushed it aside and thought later!

I have this little mini quilt hanging on my wall below my notice board in my sewing nook. I look at it every day and love the colours in it. I've used that as the inspiration behind this block.

I love the orange Jump Rope Katie print, although it looks black in this photo, its actually a dark brown. It's a wonky square, feels nice to fall back into wonkiness after so much foundation peicing lately. I really like this, I have 3 more on the go. I'm thinking maybe 4 blocks? Maybe 6?? Maybe 3?? I'm going to keep sewing a few then have a play. That's the plan, plan B!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

DQS Five - Started!!

It started with the above doodle.... Circles, lines, more circles.... I don't want to do any foundation peicing for this one, its applique time!

And then sat down and doodled in Quark.... I was thinking rainbow gradiation, like giant spots of colour on plain white, something fresh and simple. It wasn't quite working and I left it up on the screen, went away and came back an hour later and thought, ahhh, just a simple line to connect the spots. And yep, I think it works.

And so to the scrap box I go! This is the fun part.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

WIP Wednesday - Week 37 - Binding, Label.

I am so close to finishing two projects. I am not allowing myself to start anything new till they are done, I'm itching to get started on my Flickr Dolls Quilt #5 Swap but have to finish these two swaps first.....

I have finished the quilting on this Round Robin and just need to attach 4 metres of pink binding. 4 metres, no problems!

And I have the label to cut and blanket stitch down on this dolls quilt for the EB Quilters DQ Swap. That should only take 10 minutes. 10 minutes? What is 10 minutes? So time poor lately, if only one didn't have to sleep.....

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sunday Stash - Week 3.

Sunday has come around quickly again. I feel like a presenter on Play School, today we are looking in the green window. Not much contrast in this section of the stash, all mid toned greens.... Interesting!

I picked up some of the above Farmer's Market print on Thursday and it has become a favourite already.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Happy Birthday AJ!

Yesterday was AJ's birthday and she has recieved and opened her pressie, so I can now blog this dolls quilt I sent over for her. Happy Birthday AJ! I hope you had a fantastic day and I hope even more that this is your year! I say dolls quilt but I sewed a hanger in the back, quilts this size deserve to be hung I think. I have really loved doing these twirly spiral quilts but I think its time to move onto spots and dots.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

WIP Wednesday - Week 36 - Me and Milly.

Recognize me? No WIP shots today as its just swirly quilting for someone's Round Robin. This is Milly and I shopping. She drew it this morning. That's me holding the bag, wonder if its full of fabric?

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sunday Stash - Week 2

Drawer #2 for todays stash post. Red, orange and yellows, the sunset drawer.

This is my favourite piece in this draw, it was half a metre originally but now down to a scrappy 30 x 20 cm bit. I'm a bit scared to use it in anything as then it will be gone forever! I brought it ages, like aggggggges ago from the USA from this lady here off ebay in a FQ pack. I think it may have been my first overseas ebay purchase, thats how long ago it was! I trawl her site every now and again for a look, the orange is so vibrant and the little circles and lines are the finest gold print that sparkles. It is pretty.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

WIP Wednesday - Week 36 - EB Dolls Quilt getting there...

Getting tired of swirly, twisting blocks? Here's yet another? I have 4 of these ready to sew together, just working out which direction. The browns look nicer in real life than this hurried snap.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Nicholas's Quilt All Fixed!

Look at this poor little quilt! It is a well loved and cuddled quilt this one. My first attempt in quilt making beyound simple squares. It is a Jan Mullen pattern from a fantastic magazine called Kids Quilts, one of those one off special editions magazines, from Quilters Companion. I think its supposed to be an annual mag, but I haven't seen another since I got this copy and that was in late 2004 I'd say. I made this back in early 2005 but didn't give it to the baby in question until August when he was born.

The pattern was of course different to what I ended up with. It was 5 by 5 rectangle blocks, I did 3 by 4 and added some sashing and little squares to match up. I look at it now and cringe as it is all wrinkly, I backed it with flanelette! It's puckered everywhere! I hand quilted around each diamond shape and little yellow square, suppose that doesn't help the puffiness. But the colours are still bright and intense, still love the choices I made there. And the thing that really makes me smile about this quilt? It is so loved and cherished by the little boy who it was made for, he takes it everywhere, everyday! Every time I see them, his Mum has his quilt poking out the top of the nappy bag, and this little boy has just turned 3.

So when a quilt is this well loved, it is bound to get a rip! I spotted this 2 inch gap a few weeks ago and immediately confiscated the quilt for a fix it job.

I just folded over the green and slip stitched it down.

And the quilt hadn't got a label either back in 2005, so I added one on. Sorry the label took 3 years Nicholas! He loves Sportacus from Lazy Town, I think this will be the extra cherished corner of the quilt now.

Monday, October 06, 2008

September Mini Quilt Wrap Up.

I signed up for another round of 6 - 12 inch Mini Quilt Swap at the start of September and got Kay. This was her first swap ever! Look at the beauty she made me!

A mixture of feed sack, vintage and new her little note said. Can I quietly whisper I don't know what feed sack is though! *blush* She also enclosed some pink floral material for the stash. I didn't get a chance to get it in the photo as apparantly it was the perfect length and colour for a certain nearly 4 year old Miss's teddy. Thank you Kay, its lovely! Your not a swap virgin any more!

And this is what I sent Kay in return. A chance to practise my FMQ and use up some left over sanil trail blocks from a certain recent Round Robin quilt....

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Sunday Stash - Week 1

I was blog surfing last night, as you do and I came across Tamara's blog. She has come up with a cool idea of Sunday Stash, a lazy Sunday post showing off your stash. I'm in! So here I go for the first week.

I would class my stash as modest, not massive, but not small. I store 80% off it in this storage unit, $20 from one of those Red Dot type of places. Its also a handy place to store WIP's too on top. Each drawer is divided into colours, pink and purple at the top, orange, red and yellow next, green in the third drawer, then blue below and the bottom drawer is a bit mix and match, charm packs, black and whites and a few novelty prints which fall in no colour group. Mainly its FQ's and half metres, a few metre lots folded tightly. Anything bigger goes in another storage tub.

So this is the first drawer. Enough squeezed in? Maybe its time pink had its own drawer...

These are two of my favourites. The pink spots is a KP Kids print, used this in heaps of things and the floral is an Alexander Henry print. I love it but am too scared to use it. So it just sits in the drawer to be admired. See you next Sunday!