Monday, April 29, 2013

Spiral Quilting!

I have finished this quilt top. Thank goodness for school holidays! I used the Kona solid Sour Apples for the borders. It's very green!

I was looking foward to quilting this as it meant that I could really test out the quilting ability of the new machine. I was thinking ditch in the stitch around the squares but then thought no, be more adventurous Helen. I have always admired the quilting on Krista's quilt here. One big giant spiral. So I took the plunge and decided to give it a go. I marked in chalk a guide of a small circle, about 10cms in diametre, then one a bit bigger, about 20cm and then used a dinner plate to mark a third circle. I used the darning foot to do the first 3 rings, then swapped to the walking foot. Wow, I am impressed. The machine is just gliding over the fabric. I am getting none of that fabric pull I fustratingly would get as in quilts like this one. And the knee lift was so handy! I'm loving the texture it creates, I think I have found my new favourite quilting design!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

WIP Wednesday Week15?

Well we are back from our few days camping which you can read about here if you wish. Back in time to get back on the WIP Wednesday bandwagon. I think its week 15? Anyway, I am taking over the dining room table with all my green fabric cutitng up squares. I need 25, I have 24 here....

Saturday, April 20, 2013

My New Sewing Machine.

My new sewing machine arrived this week. It has taken nearly a month to arrive which has been very fustrating. But it is here now and just in time for the school holidays which started today.Only had a few 20 minute bursts on it though as we are packing to go here for a few days. We are back on Tuesday though and then it will be foot down on that peddle! So far I am loving the extension table. Loving how quiet it is, how the fabric glides along. The only thing so far in the negative is no verticle big spool holder but I do have a free standing one that I used with my old machine, so no big deal. I am dying to do some actually quilting on it, that will be the real test of how good this baby is!

Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Happy 10th Birthday Gracie!

My baby turned 10 today. Double digits. The big one zero! That year just zipped past! I'll admit that Grace and I clash some days, I brace myself for her teenage years. But other days, like recently she is just lovely, sweet, kind and thoughtful with a positive attitude, I love those days! She is our Gracie Lou and we love her to bits. No party this year, just homemade pizza and watching old home video's of when the girls were babies. We still had a big cake though! Happy birthday Grace!

Sunday, April 07, 2013

Green Squares or the Bugger Off Breast Cancer Quilt.

After finishing the last quilt featured in my last psot, it didn't take long for me to select fabric for my next quilt. Green, lots of green. We received the unexpected news that a dear friend up here has breast cancer. It was all very sudden, one Friday she was at the tavern after school drinking her usual diet coke, then that Monday she was in Perth having all sorts of tests. But this blog isn't about her journey fighting this horrible disease, I'll say no more except she is doing okay. Daz's folks have arrived in town and are staying in ther caravan out on our front verge. Its lovely to see them but it has meant that my sewing cutting area has been relocated to the top of the washing machine!!

I am making Mrs D a lap quilt. She likes greens, can you tell? I made her this table runner last year, I didn't want to go stars, so went for squares. I'm thinking 25, 5 rows of five each. So far I have 12. I have had to break my ban of fabric buying and purchase some Kona for the backing. Its for a good cause!