Monday, July 30, 2012

Let the Games Begin!

Well the Olympics have begun! Yahh! I am lucky that my sewing nook has a hole in the wall so I can view the action as I sew! See the horse in the background? The dressage event just confuses me, making the horse do all those maneuvers around. Is that a skill worthy of the Olympics? If its about controlling an animal, what about including sheep dog trials??

But anyway, I am quilting two table runners. I unpicked the three panals of this quilt and have made it into two runners. I wasn't happy with the design of that quilt, don't know what I'll do with the third panal. I'm doing "organic line" quilting on these, using my free motion foot to do lines instead of the walking foot. Its fun! In one of them I am doing pebble quilting, and the other is more lines. Back to the games!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Pink and Purple Zig Zags.

I finished sewing the binding down for this during the recent school holidays but didn't blog it as there was so much other sewing action going on. This quilt was for a friend from school who was having her first baby, a baby girl. She had the baby on Tuesday and we went to visit her in hospital this afternoon after school. And took in her new quilt. It was joyous. New life, new parents and I had a cuddle of a two day old baby.

The backing was a soft Prints Charming print. A few splashes of orange amungst all that pink!

A close up of the different prints. It was a good stash busting quilt.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Christmas in July.

Another table runner completed for Christmas. I love doing these whirly gigs. So easy but effective.

This one measures 21 x 55 inches. I used some of my recent Kona purchases for the binding. Not quite enough in the one green, so I used a paler green as well.

The backing was fun to sew. Using up fat quarters in the stash I wouldn't normally use.

The white squares were all scrappy prints. Next table runner now!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Green Geese.

I have had this block bookmarked in my "patterns" folder for a few weeks now. Had my blues and greens picked out. Made a block, just one to test the size. I get why they say do just one block before cutting all your fabric, I did one. It was terrible. All bulky seams, points not matching. Not even worthy of a blog photo! Straight in the bin! So with all my blues and greens out I was still looking for  inspiration for another table runner.

So I pulled down my copy of Liberated Quiltmaking 2 as I remembered them having a similar block. But while flicking through the pages I found the wonky flying geese chapter and thought aha, I'll do two rows of geese instead. A block were accuracy is not essential! More my style. So sewed these up yesterday and today. Was thinking dark, light, dark but nope, not working. So just gone for two rows of the light.

The darker background aren't put to waste though, they'll make up a section of the backing!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A Brush With the Prime Minister.

Well a slight interuption to the sewing this morning as we rub shoulders with Australia's Prime Minister, Ms Julia Gillard.

She is up in this corner of Australia doing a two day whirlwind tour. We couldn't miss the opportunity to go down to the local park this morning, watch her plant a tree and say hello. I helped the girls make a quick sign to attract her attention and it worked! Half way through the planting, her media man came over and asked if she had seen the sign Grace was holding. I said she had made eye contact and he said he would make sure she came and said hello. She was very friendly, shook the girls hands and asked them their names. I took the first photo and then she suggested that maybe I would like to be in the next shot. All very exciting!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

International Get Some Kona Solid Fabric In The Mail Day!

 Yesterday was International Get Some Kona Solid Fabric In The Mail Day. To celebrate I recieved this stack in the mail! Two very generous bits and pieces scrap bags from Pink Chalk. Great colour selection. Colours I wouldn't normally choose but are good to have a little 30cm bit in the stash, just in case..... and some half yard cuts down the bottom from the always generous sister of mine. Thanks Ad! I hope you all had a fantastic International Get Some Kona Solid Fabric In The Mail Day as well!

 It's the second week of school holidays here and the sewing has commenced in seriousness yesterday! You know how sometimes it is easier just to finish a project rather than fold it back up and put it away? That has happened with this Christmas tablerunner. I had about 12 of these blocks made and the fabric cut ready to go for the rest, so it was just a matter of sewing them. Sew, sew, sew, let the kids get their own lunch, sew, sew, sew.... rummage amungst the new pile of fabric for the backing and binding....

.... and wolah! All ready to hand sew in place. Next table runner please!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Agricultural Show Wrap Up.

It was the local Agricultural Show this weekend. Remember last year? This time I placed a first in "Appliqued - Other Article" for this table runner.

And also a first in "Patchwork - Other Article". I did enter the pink and purple zig zag baby quilt I had just finished but that didn't get a place. So I still have to crack the first place for "Patchwork - Quilt"! So a quilt the style of this runner? Pastels and floral? Just cause I live in the country do I really have to do a country styled quilt to win??!

Milly picked up a third for this drawing. I took it to school to laminate and the laminator chewed up one end! The horror!!! She took about 3 weeks to do the detail on this drawing!

Milly did score a first in the "Any Other Construction Model Not Lego" with this castle that she actually made at school.

And Grace? She reluctantly entered this dragon eye drawing which didn't place. I really had to encourage her to have a go and enter something as she is nearing that why should I bother stage and then nothing.... I know a child can't win a certificate or get acknowledged for everything but poor Gracie, sometimes always in the shadow of her younger sister. I'll keep on encouraging!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Lovely Litchfield!

No sewing this week as it is the school holidays here and we decided to visit Litchfield Park across the border in the Northern Territory. All our previous trips to Darwin have just been a rush to get to the shops and movies but this trip we decided to meet up with Darren's folks in the sleepy hollow that is Batchelor, make that our base and do a mix of Litchfield sights and shopping! Above is Wangi Falls. So nice we visited it twice! The water was crystal clear.

Tolmer Falls was seen from the viewing platform as see that little black hole at the bottom of the falls? Home to several colonies of rare Ghost Bats and Orange Horseshoe Bats apparantly.

Our favourite spot though was a place called Buley Rockhole. A series of waterfalls and rock-holes were you could wander down away from everyone else and find your own little pool. Which was good cause guess who forgot to pack their bathers??! It was cold when we left Kununurra! Didn't think we'd be swimming in the dry season!

Just had to include this photo. Now we know were the girls and Daz get their camera face from!

The other big attraction at Litchfield is Florence Falls. It was very busy here.

The park is also famous for these Magnetic Termite Mounds. The mounds are aligned north to south to minimise the exposure to the sun.

In typical Aussie fashion, we had to take the shots of child trying to push over giant termite mound.

And also the shot of the whole family in front of the termite mound.

We also visited Crocosaurus Cove in Darwin.

They had a great reptile display, including this water monitor that was itching to get out of his enclosure.

And lots and lots of crocodiles including this one who was the same length as our boat, 4.9 metres! But now we are back home and I have a week of sewing time stretched out in front of me!

Thursday, July 05, 2012

Ticker Tape Table Runner!

What is this then? A finished table runner?? Just for something different hey? But the difference is that this one is for my table. All mine!

Now that it is finished it reminds me of ticker tape. A great way to use up all those tiny scraps.

For the backing I finally got to use a peice of Amy Butler that I have had for ages. A design that didn't seem to ever go with anything but looks right at home here! School holidays are just around the corner so I am looking foward to spending days just sewing!