Finished Quilts


A Rainbow Finish. Finished August 2016.

Sunshine. Finished July 2016.

William's Quilt. Finished February 2016.


Cate's Cathedral Windows Quilt. Finished November 2015.

Blue and Orange Baby Quilt, Finished August 2015.

A Rainbow for a Baby. Finished June 2015.

Jelly Roll Race Sample Quilt. Finished March 2015.


A Pink and Purple Baby Quilt. Finished December 2013.

Queen sized Daize quilt. Finished August 2013.

Spiral Quilted Rainbow Baby Quilt. Finished August 2013.

Green Squares Lap Sized Quilt. Finished May 2013.


Scrappy Squares. Finished March 2013.


Rainbow Whirlygig Quilt, cot sized.  Finished in December 2012.

An Aqua D9P Baby Quilt. Finished November 2012.

Green Windows, double bed sized. Finished in September 2012.

Alyssa's Quilt. Finished August 2012.

Pink and Purple Zig Zags. Finished July 2012.

Blue Squares cot sized quilt. Finished in April 2012.

Pink and Purple Strippy Squares. Finished April 2012.

Jewelled Squares. Finished October 2011.

Miss W's Wedding Quilt. Finished September 2011.

Pink Askew Squares. Finished July 2011

Rainbow Squares - Queen Sized. Finished July 2011.

Blue and Green Askew Squares, Finished June 2011,

Jelly Roll Quilt. Finished February 2011.

Pink Squares Quilt. Finished January 2011.

Queensland Flood Appeal Quilt. Finished January 2011,

Blue and Orange Squares Quilt. Finished August 2010.

Blue Squares Quilt. Finished July 2010.

Round Robin Quilt. Finished May 2010.

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