Monday, June 25, 2007

Sew Along - Raggedy Edges Quilt.

A few girls I have meet online have expressed an interest in making a raggedy edge quilt. So thought I'd do a little tutorial on how to make one. They are sooooo easy peasy! The one above was made by my very talented sister, Andy for Milly when she was born back in November 2004 from Jan Mullen prints she won from a competition with a quilting mag. I was very envious of that win! So, follow the link to her blog and she has written out all the instructions, and I have the pretty pitcures. I'm going to sew along too, add an extra row on the top.

So below I have cut out 6 squares of top fabric, all different designs in this case. 6 squares of wadding and 6 squares of backing fabric. Your wadding is to be an inch smaller than your fabric. So in this instance I have 6.5 inches square of fabric, and 5.5 inches square for the wadding.

So once its all cut, place your backing fabric print side down onto the table and put a piece of wadding in the centre.

Then on your top peice of fabric, with an erasable marker or some chalk, draw a diagonal line across the centre each way so a cross can be seen using a ruler. Place it on top of your square of backing and wadding.

Pin either side of one of the diagonal lines, try to keep the pieces flat. Do this to all your squares as we'll sew them all at the same time.

Okay, we'll give you a day or so to organize all that then its time to get sewing!


thehummingcat said...

Love it! That quilts nrarly 3 years old and still looks good, a tad wash faded but still quite bright.

Natalie said...

Thanks Helen!!! This is going to be fun, hopefully get time to catch up to this stage during tomorrow.

picperfic said...

oh my...I think I have to do this quilt....I am going to cut some squares! Looking forward to the next stage :^)

atet said...

Helen -- such fun colors. I've done one of these with flanels as well -- though you may want to mention that the ragging (raggy) edges work better if you don't pre-wash your fabric! (one of those odd instances where pre-washing is not that great)

Leah said...

All that pinning! No wonder mine came out so wonky.... Where's that embarrased smilie?!

picperfic said...

I've posted on my blog...I was in a hurry....I just love this quilt and had to make one. Now I am thinking about a bigger one!