Sunday, October 04, 2009

Day 4 of Blogtoberfest - Walking on a Zig Zag.

The closest thing I got to sewing today was walking down the Zig Zag. It's an annual event where you can walk 3 kms down this scenic road in the next suburb along from where my parents live. It's funny, one of those things that you never do in your own backyard. It's a real street you can drive down, one way only. They close it for the day. Seeing as though Daz is in study mode for exams at the moment, I took the girls and my parents out for the day. Spring is in the air, the weather was lovely.

It was great, everything was free! On every corner of the zig zag there was displays from different community groups, crafts for the kids, wild animal displays (Grace got to stroke a snake, she was chuffed) and camel rides at one point! We joined the que. Dad is holding onto Milly at the front and poor Mum is holding on for dear life at the back! I only got this hurried snap as just as they got on, one of my old High School friends Mum's recognized me and came over for a chat. Haven't seen her in years so it was one of those abbreviate your life in 5 minutes chats! So this rushed shot captures the moment at least.

There was also some sculpture along the way. This lady had made a beautiful swinging chair for the kids to climb in and pretend they were in a cocoon. The swirls in the fabric were just amazing that she had created with thread. I asked her what kind of sewing machine she had and she replied she wasn't sure. I thought that was a bit odd as when you sew, you know that brand of machine you have at least!

And also some music and street art. Milly was startled and then composed enough to blown a kiss to one of those golden mime statue guys. He was so still as we walked up the road towards where he was, we had to pass him, there was no other way and then when he slowly moved his hands up towards us to blow us a kiss, I was holding her hand and she literally froze with fear, I felt her tense up in fright. But then I spoke to her and we blew him a kiss back together and he then mimed catching it and holding it to his heart. Milly said "He loves me!" and we kept walking, or rather she was skipping, blowing more kisses over her shoulder to him. When we spoke about it later, how it was just a man pretending to be a statue, she replied, "Yes I know that Mummy but he did freak me out!" One of those moments in parenting when you are doing something right, watching your daughter conquer her fear over the unknown and then watching her win, realizing that it isn't that scary after all. It was a great day.


AJ said...

Sounds like a great day Helen!! I love it when you share your parenting moments...and it makes me look forward to my own!

Ruth's Place said...

Thank you so much for the memories! I lived in this area when I was a kid, and walked the zigzag a few times.

You've made my day.

wishes, true and kind said...

What a special day, full of good memories for the days/years to come. Sometimes sewing just has to wait.

Cass said...

Helen what a great day and it sounds like the girls had fun too. Not sure about your mum though!

Trisha said...

What a fun day! I love the interchange between the mime and your daughter.

Stephanie (A Ditchin' Time Quilts) said...

What a beautiful day you had with your family. I was looking at the pics and saw the camels and knew I was NOT looking at pics from around here. Nice reading your blog, thanks for sharing all the wonderful things! Stephanie