Friday, October 30, 2009

Day 30 of Blogtoberfest - Wonky Houses Part 3.

Sewing Lara's blocks earlier this week made me think of my own blocks that I have received, my wonky houses. And I realized I hadn't posted photos of them all.

This one is from Donna. It is the only one that is horizontal, I'm thinking I'll add it into the backing for some interest.

This one is from Louise. I like how she has the house material is graduating from dark to light. And the tree, love the little tree!

Nice and simple this house from Susie. The girls love the zebra!

This one is lovely, from Lynn. Who wouldn't like to live in a four storey house?

Part 1 saw me receive these beauties and part 2 I got these lovelies! So combined together is all this! There are still two more to come, I'm happy to wait. Thanks girls!


AJ said...

4 storeys....think of all the cleaning!!
But the toned thighs and butt from all those stairs!!


wishes, true and kind said...

So fun!

One Flew Over said...

Coming along beautifully Helen!

donna said...

I am so sorry mine turned out horizontal. I should have cropped the sides before I sent it to you. Did you have any more of the blue left over?

Cascade Lily said...

I am totally digging these houses. The quilt will be called Ettamogah? LOL

Lynn said...

They look beautiful! I'm glad to see you added the extra sky into the block I made for you... thanks!

Anonymous said...

They look just great Helen - and I hope to get mine to you next week - thanks for being SO patient!