Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Monday, May 15, 2017

Blue and Green Scraps!

Scraps! Scraps! Scraps! This is all the blue scraps I have retrieved from my scrap basket. I have enjoyed sewing the latest scrap rainbow tablerunner that I thought for next one I would follow a similar pattern but just do blue and greens. I got so into it that I have already pulled the green fabrics and sewn the blocks for green. Time to turn to the blues....

So the first pile looks like this when ironed out. I found myself thinking as I was ironing these scraps, funny how fabric taste can change. When I first started sewing I was into bright fabric. A lot of these scraps are left over binding bits.

And talking of binding..... I have finished the quilting on the latest tablerunner. Now which binding? Some stripes or black and white spots? Help!

Friday, May 12, 2017

17 in 2017 - Tablerunner #4 finished!

I have finished Tablerunner #4! This one was pretty simple to whip up, it measures 23 x 16 inches. You have to love a quick disappearing 9 patch! I tried to lay the blocks out so no two fabrics were touching each other. But I noticed while doing the binding, two long thin rectangles are the same print next to each other. Oh well! 

I just did straight stitching on each side of the seams. I thought the blue binding would work with the orange. 

And here is Dolly's favourite spot! This is her "stop sewing and give me attention" face.

Monday, May 08, 2017

17 in 2017 - Tablerunner #3 finished!

I finished the binding on Tablerunner #3. This one measures 13.5 inches wide and 36 inches long.

I really wanted the dark red for the binding but I only had enough to make the binding 2 inches rather than the usual 2.5. Wow, what a difference that 0.5 made to my fingers when I was sewing the binding down. It was tough getting my needle through all that extra layers. It wasn't as smooth sewing as usual.

This is the backing. Think I like it as much as the front!

These photos were taken in the entrance hall of the house. Another suitable place to take finished photos. Well, 3 runners down, binding on one and another one WIP. So that is 5 in 5 months, 12 to go! Get sewing Helen!

Thursday, May 04, 2017

Tablerunner #5 - Designing a Rainbow

I am finding my sewing groove. These photos are from our recent holiday. Once I had sewn together this tablerunner, I still had fabric and time left over so I cut 3.5 inch squares with the idea of doing a simple disappearing 9 patch block. 

So fast forward to this week and I assembled them into the 9 patch blocks and then cut them in quarters. I liked the way all the larger squares were in the middle so sewed them together that way. Once all six finished blocks were together I added a few inches of solid orange Kona to the borders.

After that it was a matter of sandwiching it and then quilting it. I have just gone for an echo stitch on either side of the seams. The binding in now pinned down ready to sew after I have finished the binding from yesterdays WIP! I have a binding que!

So in the meantime my thoughts are turning to tablerunner #5. Its time for a rainbow. I have raided the scrap box. Let the ironing begin!