Wednesday, June 29, 2016

WIP Wednesday #9 - Rays of Sunshine

I sewed this on the weekend.The squares are from a layer cake I purchased in Vegas. The strips are from my stash. I needed a quick baby quilt for a lovely lady. I've decided to call this one "Rays of Sunshine". Since I took these photos on the weekend I have sandwiched it and am half way through quilting it. Hope she likes orange!

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Nine Mod Mosaic Blocks

I have finished nine Mod Mosaic quilt blocks for Jack's quilt.
For some reason I had in my head they were cathedral window blocks. Something about the white looking like the lead light in a stain glass window maybe?
Anyway, I was wrong!
Next step is to trim them and sash them with 2 inch white,
A very productive Sunday. Do I have to go back to work tomorrow?

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

WIP Wednesday #8 - Blue Cathedral Windows - No make that Mod Mosaic Blocks!

A lot of blue happening around the sewing machine lately. Jacks quilt is slowly progressing.

I have four blocks done. These will trim down to 13.5inches. Not sure yet if it will be 9 blocks, 3x3 or 16 blocks, 4x4. I get to babysit him tomorrow afternoon, that should inspire me to work faster!

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Vegas Baby!

I have just come back from 7 nights in Las Vegas. My best girlfriend turned 40 in early April and it has been her dream to go to Las Vegas for her 40th. Back in December we booked and finally the day came on the 10th. It was a whirlwind girls trip, there was 5 of us in total. Lots of cocktails, dancing, shopping. Saw some shows - Elton John!! - went to the Grand Canyon via helicopter, just amazing. Before we left though I did some research into quilt shops of the area and was pleasantly suprised to find a lady who actually runs a quilt shop tour! So she picked me up from my hotel in her mini van with a quilt painted on the side, went to another hotel to pick up another quilter and then drove us to Quiltique. OMG, such a beautiful shop. I exercised the credit card there!

This is just a handful of what I purchased there. I mainly went for charm squares but did get a few yards of blues and two layer cakes and some magazines as well. Then after that we went to the Christmas Goose quilt shop. Going from their website I didn't think I would find anything there I liked, bit to brown for me. But I was wrong..... Came out with quite a few fat quarter bundles.

This was all my haul! Now to start sewing!

Saturday, April 02, 2016

Catching up for Easter

I hope everyone had a lovely Easter break. We did although it didn't involve a stitch of sewing! We drove up to Darwin and spent four nights at this amazing apartment overlooking the harbor. This was my view from the balcony. I spent every morning sitting out there having a coffee reading and every afternoon having a champers! It was a great place to watch afternoon storms come in as well. We did pop into Spotlight but that particular store is in the process of moving and there was junk everywhere, no real bargains, Milly and I walked out after purchasing a guitar shaped bottle opener for her music teachers Christmas present! So not what we went in for and Christmas is miles away but we saw it and it was so him, so we couldn't not purchase it.

So now we are back in town and its the weekend, time for some sewing. I have cut and ironed a whole pile of blue. Some are scraps, but most is cut from the stash. It has all been random, oh that blue is nice, lets cut a few rectangles and squares, that should be enough... how about this blue now? And then I cut lots of white 1 inch strips.

Then it was a matter of just starting to sew everything together. Its a bit like a jig saw, matching pieces in with other pieces. I've decided to make each block 13.5 inches, its addictive..... 

Thursday, March 17, 2016

WIP Wednesday #7 - A Disappearing 9 Patch

This tutorial here on how to make a Disappearing 9 Patch is my most viewed post in this blog. Over 16,000 views. I look at the tutorial made back in 2009 and it doesn't really tell you that much. So I decided on the weekend to sew up some D9P blocks and redo the tutorial and at the same take make another table runner before I throw myself into the next blue baby quilt.

Friday, March 04, 2016

WIP Wednesday #6 - The Quilt that Jack Inspired

Well now I have finished William's quilt. it is time to start Jack's quilt. He is 2 months old today, aim for his first birthday Helen? His Mum has always said to me that she couldn't wait to have a baby because then I would make her a quilt. She really loves this Cathedral Windows one I recently made. Can't do a baby boy quilt in pink and purples though so I got out the blue coloring in pencils to play around with some layouts.

At first I thought all blue prints and solids. Not the same cathedral window block, each one would be different. Then a splash of orange just for interest....

Or what about a whole middle square patch of orange?

Or what about a checkerboard orange and blue effect? I'm leaning towards the middle design. I'm going to see Jack and his Mum on Tuesday and will show her and get her thoughts. I don't really like to "sew to order" but I would like a guide from her so I can make her something she will love.