Sunday, August 10, 2014

A Bargello Finish!

I finished the binding on this runner just in time to enter it in the local Ag Show last month. It picked up a second place for "Quilted Other Item".

I pebbled quilted it, leaving every sixth row of colour not quilted so it would pop out.

Mum admired it when she was visiting, I think I will send it down for her birthday in October. Wow, my first finished item for 2014!!

Sunday, June 08, 2014

Sunday Sewing

I did some sewing today. Don't fall off your chair! Just some simple square in squares. Going to do nine of them to make up a simple baby quilt. And of course I realized how much I have missed sewing once I got started, so I am going to try and do just a little bit every few days. Try to anyway....

Sunday, May 11, 2014


There is not very much sewing going on here at the moment but there has been a bit of fishing..... On the last week of the school holidays we had an overnight fishing trip with friends to a top secret destination. All destinations are top secret when it involves catching barramundi! We drove through a few water crossings like the one above.

It was a long drive and Grace much preferred a nap in the shade of the car to doing any fishing!

Milly however was on fire and caught this cat fish which she wasn't impressed with. "Gross Mum!"

She persisted and then later her line went off and she reeled in a barra all by herself. Daz was giving instructions, "wind in, pull up, pause, wind in, pull up, pause" and Mr D had the net ready, we were not letting him get away.

Here is the end result, a beautiful 59cm barra and a smile that says it all. Well done Milly!

Three Fishermen. This photo shows their interest, Milly is still looking at her fish and Daz and Mr D are looking down river at where the rods are thinking they heard another one go off.

And I am saving the best photo for last. After the sun went down and the kids had gone to bed in the tent, my rod went off and look what was on the end! How big is that barra? 80cms long to be exact. It was very heavy, my arms from reeling it in and then holding it up for the photo. It was the best feeling though, I caught an 80cm barra. Not a bad end to the school holidays despite there being no sewing!

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Happy Worldwide Quilting Day!

Today is Worldwide Quilting Day! I hope you are spending some time siting down with your sewing machine. I am. :)

I have sandwiched my bargello runner completed at the retreat from last month and have started quilting it. I was thinking straight up and down stitch, but I always do that so I went for some pebble quilting instead. I'm doing a pale cream/yellow for the lightest six blocks and a variegated red for the remaining darker four blocks.

It's not the neatest but I think with this pebble style of quilting, it doesn't really matter. Happy Worldwide Quilting Day everyone!

Monday, February 24, 2014

The Quilting Retreat!

I went on a quilting retreat on the weekend with the ladies I sew with in real life. We threw around the idea back in November and as always it takes awhile to organize but we packed up our machines and headed to the beautiful Lake Argyle on Saturday. This was the view just from our cabin. It was our 10th wedding anniversary on Saturday so I thought I better drag Daz and the girls along too but they went out on the boat for the day with friends while the ladies sewed!

We were doing a bargello runner. The strips had been cut a few weeks earlier. Here is my view for most of the weekend while inside.

Concentrating while cutting and unpicking the strips ready to sew back together.... Don't chat to me while I'm cutting! 
Here we all are on Sunday with our projects. Some ladies worked on cathedral windows or kaleidoscope blocks. A jelly roll race was held on Saturday night after a few wines.... I didn't do that one as I don't want to break open the only jelly roll I have! Wish I did now though cause they turned out pretty well.
Here is my friend Nardia and I with our finished table runners looking pretty pleased with ourselves on Sunday. You can't tell some of our seams don't match up from this distance!

And while we were sewing, Grace was catching brim. A productive weekend all around!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

20 "Circles"...

I have finished sewing 20 "circles or 80 quarters to make 20 circles. I have 16 blocks cut to make 4 squares for the centre circle blocks. Does that make any sense??!

Sunday, February 09, 2014


We have had a bit of excitement in our little town over the last few days, we got flooded! It started on Thursday night, we woke on Friday morning to the above view of our backyard. It's been like that before. We got ready for school but I packed the girls a towel each in their bags and shoes were in their bags too, we all went to school with bare feet!

And the rain just kept on coming! A river started flowing through school. Grace's classroom is in the building on the very right, you can just see it's pillar.

This is the river a little bit further down from the previous photo.

Students started leaving at noon on Friday, the girls and I left spot on closing time at 2.10. Daz stayed longer to assist with kids that weren't picked up. This is the school car park!

It was getting pretty bad here. Note you can't see the road in the background!

We drove through this! Grace was taking photos with the phone. Someone has put some amazing footage on YouTube here. We got home fine, our house was fine, it kept on raining, Daz got home at 3.30, we made a curry for dinner and went to sleep with rain on the room. It rained 163mm from Friday 9am to Saturday 9am. 

Sunday, today, it hasn't rained as much, 25mm so we have been out exploring. Because of all the rain they opened all the gates of the Diversion Dam so Lily Lagoon has been drained. This is were we put our boat in. It normally looks like this....

Here is the Dunham River flowing quite quickly!

We went out this morning to visit friends who live out of town, this is their driveway! So it has been a very wet few days, 389mm since Thursday night and raining again as I type this....