Sunday, March 01, 2015

Go Anti Clockwise!

There is nothing like a deadline, a long weekend and a husband away on a 48 hour fishing trip to get the sewing juices flowing again! Next weekend I am off on a Quilting Retreat, it is to the same place with the same ladies as last year here. I put my hand up and said I would host the jelly roll session and so I will be walking the ladies through making the Jelly Roll Jam 2 Quilt from the free pattern section of the fantastic Fat Quarter Shop. So I "had to" make a sample to show them next weekend. It came together pretty quickly and I was down on the floor with my pins sandwiching it together before I knew it. Even though its a very geometrically pattern, I thought I would do a big circle spiral quilting pattern, just for practice. I really like the effect it creates. So I marked a starting point, put the darning foot on and away I went. Anti clockwise. I didn't realize then I'd be up for a d'oh moment soon. I did the first five ripples of the circle then changed over to my open toe foot, I just can't fall in love with my walking foot, I get better results with a normal open toe foot. So another ten ripples later and I notice I am getting really bunched up at a certain curve in the neck making it a bit tricky to push through, it was supposed to get less bulk in the neck as the circle got bigger, not more. Then the d'oh moment hit me, I should have gone in a clockwise direction.

But I continued on till the quilting reached an edge and then I flipped it around in a clockwise direction. I've just got the binding to go now. Tomorrow is a public holiday here in WA so I'll get it done in no time.

Thanks for all the lovely comments about my blue and green table runner int he last post too. :)

Monday, February 23, 2015

Blue and Green Shouldn't Be Seen? Really??

Who said blue and green shouldn't be seen? They wouldn't be comfortable sitting down at my dining room table at the moment! A few weekends ago I gathered all my blue and green solid scraps from my scrap basket. It was starting to look like the sea in there, time for a cull. So I cut them into rough rectangles and then sliced them into a wedge shape. All random, just mix and match. I was trying to make them about 8 to 10 inches long to be trimmed down to 8 inches. I was thinking of a white 1 inch sashing in-between the two lengths but then when it came to laying out the two strips they looked good just butted up. Trimmed off the excess and then sewed it together, added a crisp white boarder and then wolah, top complete. I didn't want to do straight across back and forth straight quilting, so I thought I'd try quilting following the angles of the seams.

It measures 18 by 47 inches. Wonder how long the white will stay white on our table? I'm pleased with it and even more pleased that I finished something for 2015!

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Our Summer Holiday in the USA - Part 4.

So after the wedding, we woke up the next day, returned the dress and tux to be collected from the concierge dude and then packed our bags and jumped on the plane to head back to Los Angeles for the last leg of our trip. We stayed in Hollywood, a few blocks back from the Walk of Stars strip. Didn't like the strip so much, was full of people hassling you for tours all the time. We did one of those Hop On/Hop Off bus tours one day and that gave us a good view from the top deck of all the antics on the streets below. That was as close as I wanted to get. We did the Warner Brothers Studio tour which was pretty good. Sat on the Friends couch, saw where Ellen parks her car. They had an awesome collection of props and costumes from the Harry Potter movies on display. Milly and I are big Harry Potter fans so that was the highlight of the day for us. We also did a day at Universal Studios. It was a lot like the one in Singapore but that was okay by us as we had a great time last year there! There was a slight delay in getting in as there was a problem with our paperwork, so after 25 minutes of debate at the ticketting window, the only way we would get in would be to pay again. Which we did and kept all the paperwork so we could get a refund when we got back to Australia.
It was an amazing holiday, lots of wonderful memories.

Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Our Summer Holiday in the USA - Part 3.

So then after San Diego we jumped back on the plane and flew into Las Vegas on a Friday. I was looking forward to "Vegas Baby!" We stayed at the Paris Hotel which was right in the middle of the strip and like being in Paris, Las Vegas is a full on city, Lots of casinos obviously, lots of smoking, lots of hassling when you are walking down the street. Lots of wealth, walking through the foyers of fancy hotels like the Bellagio, the Venetian, Caesars Palace, the opulence was jaw dropping. On the other side we saw the most homeless people in Vegas. Our day trip to the Grand Canyon was unfortunately cancelled due to bad weather. Oh well, next time.
The big highlight of our Las Vegas leg of the trip was that Daz and I renewed our wedding vows at the Graceland Chapel. We got remarried by Elvis! It was so funny!! We had the best day. We hired the dress and tux, had a limo pick us all up and drive us to and from the chapel. Elvis himself was hilarious and had us in stitches for the while 15 minute ceremony. He walked me down the isle to Love Me Tender, we all walked back up the isle to Viva Las Vegas. It was awesome. After the ceremony we all had dinner at the very fancy Eiffel Tower Restaurant and then Daz and I went to see Rock of Ages at the Venetian. Due to us still being in our wedding attire, we got upgraded in out seats and free champagne at the bar next door, Daz is a bit worried that he now has to remember two wedding anniversaries! The next morning however it was everything back into our suitcases and off on our last leg of this amazing holiday, Los Angeles!

Sunday, February 01, 2015

Our Summer Holiday in the USA - Part 2.

So after the adventures of Anaheim we got on a transfer bus and drove down to San Diego. We then hired a SUV for this park of the trip which gave us some freedom to do what we wanted when we wanted. Here we hit some animal parks, San Diego Zoo, San Diego Safari Park and also Sea World, I'll admit I didn't like the Zoo as much as Singapore Zoo last year. Still the giraffes and panda were worth seeing. Sea World was interesting, Daz went back to the hotel that night and googled all the incidents about Orca whales in captivity.... Then after we had done all our animal parks we went to Legoland! Friends who had been said it wasn't the best but we had an awesome time! We had a great day, came home with a few bags of minecraft lego...

Because we had our own wheels, we were able to get off the beaten tourist trap one morning and I convinced the boys that we had to go via Jo-Ann's! There was no way I could come home from America with no fabric! It was just like a giant Spotlight really just bigger and better. They knew I was coming as they had 40% off all fabric and so I got some Denise Schmidt fabric for $7.49. San Diego got the thumbs up from all of us. But before we knew it our five days were up and it was time to return the hire car and get on the plane for Vegas Baby!

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Our Summer Holiday in the USA - Part 1.

We have just come back from an amazing three weeks on the West coast of the USA. I will admit I have nevertheless had much interest in visiting America but we had some such an awesome time, it's a journey I would recommend to anyone. We started our trip with five days down in Anaheim visiting Disneyland. Eight photos don't do our days justice! We rode all the rides, even the scarey California Screaming Roller Coaster in California Adventure Park. It was very cold, we had beanies and five layers of clothing on. We were in Disneyland for New Years Eve which was pretty special, busy too, never qued so much for the bathroom/lunch/a coffee. After Anaheim we went to San Diego, but that is another blog post....

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Ending December with a Bang!

Well the school year finishes tomorrow and 2014 has ended rather well for us. Grace graduated from year 6 last week, bring on high school next year! She had a dance on graduation night, so we all got dressed up for that. Then the morning after that was the final whole school assembly for 2014 and Milly scooped up the Citizenship Award for her class as well as an award for music. She did extremely well, we are very proud of both of the girls for a fantastic year.