Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Day 21 of Blogtoberfest - Chaletgirls Block Swap Sewing Together, Part 2!

Well I am continuing my Chaletgirls Block Swap Quilt. I seem to be possessed with just finishing it. There is no time frame to get it finished, MIL's birthday is in early January so it would be nice to have it done by then I suppose..... I have all the blocks laid out on the lounge room floor and the family has strict instructions to walk around them at the moment! I'll admit I have taken out about 10 blocks as the colours were too dark or too busy. So I think those ones will go on the back. Hope that doesn't offend any of the girls that participated in this great swap. The black ones in particular just are too strong, they just scream "look at ME!!!!" so I have put them aside and made some more blocks of my own in softer pastels, to blend in. Finding softer pastels in my stash was a challenge!

I've added in some pale blue which I am uncertain about. Sometimes I look it and go, yep, lovely, blends in, works nicely. Other times I think ekkk! There are 5 blue blocks, scattered about to balance. I'm not packing this one away till the top is done!

Thanks to the three ladies who signed up for my PIF in yesterday's post. Donna who I have meet through flickr dolls quilts swaps, Alissa and Ad. I'll admit I am puzzled why Ad has signed up, for those of you that don't know, she's my younger sister, she's getting a table runner from me at Christmas. What does she want me to make her now?? Maybe she's hoping for that queen sized Baltimore quilt? Tell her she's dreaming!


Donna said...

Ad, Helen says to tell you "You're dreaming!!!"

(There, Helen, I told her!)

The Humming Cat said...

Look at MOI!!!!!!!!

Cass said...

You're dreaming Adds. Love the quilt though Helen, maybe she wants that!

Shari said...

Not sure about the light blue, but then photos are always a little tricky to tell. And I am so jealous that your sister got to go to Kellie's workshop. She should be making something for you - lol!

Hang in there for blogtoberfest! Definitely on the home stretch now!


Becky said...

I know what you meant about the dark ones, I have left them all in but spent a week working on the latout to evenly distribute them throughout the quilt top. Now I love it :)