Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Day 20 of Blogtoberfest - Pay It Foward.

I signed up for a PIF over at the lovely Lily's blog. I've never done one before and Lily's work is beautiful.

Want to play along? I will make a handmade gift for the first 3 interested people that comment below. I then have 365 days to do it in. What it will be and when it will arrive is a total surprise! But it will be after Christmas I can say that now. The catch is that you must participate as well: you must have a blog and before you leave your comment here, write up a pay it forward post on your blog to keep the fun going.

So, who's in? It will most likely be a dolls quilt from me that you will receive. International players are welcome too.


Donna said...

Oh, Helen, can I play?!! I've never done a Pay It Forward and it does sound like fun!

Cascade Lily said...

Woohoo - so glad you're playing!

Alissa said...

Count me in!!!! Off to post on my blog now!

The Humming Cat said...

Can I be your 3rd?