Friday, October 23, 2009

Day 23 of Blogtoberfest - Grasshopper Grace!

It was Grace's class's turn to host the school assembly today. They had a theme of "mini beasts" meaning insects as that is what they have been studying lately! She went as a grasshopper, green leggings and a top and a huge pair of green butterfly wings - wolah, grasshopper Grace.

And to make it the best assembly of the semester, she got another merit certificate! When I read it I thought huh? Is that my child?? Delightful personality, attitude and work habits? Outstanding role model? Her work exemplifies this? Really?? I am as proud as punch that she is doing well at school and enjoying it...... must be doing something right as a Mother as some days all I seem to do is yell like a broken down record at them.


wishes, true and kind said...

Way to go, Grasshopper Grace! You go, girl!!!

Cascade Lily said...

I love her costume! Well spent, mum :) And how fantastic she's doing so well at school. I know what you mean about the yelling. There are days and then there are DAYS!

Cass said...

She looks great and I can totally relate to the yelling at the moment, seems like that is all I do