Wednesday, July 16, 2008

WIP Wednesday - Week 25 - Quilting Rows of Wonky Geese!

And she is on a roll at the moment finishing the quilt tops for all these doll quilt swaps I madly signed up for! Seemed a great idea at the time but now am feeling swamped. While the 4 Season one is pinned to the felt wall waiting for quilting inspiration to strike, (it is going to be a long wait there I think but that is a whole another post...) I got these two beauty's finished. I was going to do a coloured square background like this trial one, but then thought no, white, crisp, simple, let the colours speak for themselves. So its just on white, showed it to Daz and although he is biased, he said it is his favourite quilt I have done this year! Big call Daz!

I have sewn two of these. Why two? Cause I want to keep one for myself. And in case I stuff up one I have a back up plan. And it would be nice to have a dolls quilt on Milly's bedroom wall that was actually made by her mother! So just a quiet whisper, this one will be up for grabs in a blogiversary give away later this month.

Can you spot the difference? The top one is the "perfect" one. That is the one my swap partner will get. The second one, on one strip I left out an orange triangle, fourth on the left. So I balanced it up on the right side by missing out one of the blue ones. I think the colours still gradiate nicely, just a bit quirkier than the other one.

I'm quilting a shadow effect around the triangles, 1/4th of an inch in from them and then another cm out from that. Echo quilting? Is that the correct terminology?! LOL I'm happy with it so far, smooth stitches, nice and neat, no puckering. Looking good! Happy, happy Hel!


Car said...

Helen, I love them both :)

Kelly said...

I love your Wonky Geese. They are beautiful!

Emma said...

Love them - especially the 'quirky' one! Echo quilting is right - although it often refers to sveeral lines of quilting atound a shape.

But I think you've got your block names confused ;) Beauties? These are flying geese, you see. Now the blocks in your last post, they are real beauties, New York Beauties ;)

Tine said...

they look fantastic! both of them. what a great way to quilt them too....your swappartner is VERY lucky!

Tami said...

Such cheerful and colorful flying geese! I've also awarded you a Brilliante Weblog Award:

anne said...

wow that is awesome, love the

Sleepover at this site

Happy stitching

susan said...

hehe i hate to tell you this, but the bottom one, you forgot a turquoisy blue one on the right.
i love love love this block of yours, and it is awesome in white. i quite agree your wee one should have a lovely doll quilt on her wall made by her mum!!
ooo cant wait for the giveaway
thanks for the nomination, yahoo is playing with me and i cant email anyone unless its a reply.

Natalie said...

That looks amazing Helen! I didn't notice the difference in the quirkier one until you pointed it out