Tuesday, July 15, 2008

4 Seasons DQS - Summer top finished!

After a break from my sewing machine, I threw myself back into it last night and put together the 4 blocks for the summer round of the 4 Season's Doll Quilt swap. I should have taken more photos while it was coming together, as it was 4 wobbly blocks, then I sewed on 1.5 inch of sashing and it turned into the below quilt top!

I have it pinned on my felt wall, over the red, white and black "Squid Eye" quilt which I haven't touched in months. Pinned it up waiting for some inspiration to strike on how to quilt the thing. I'm thinking stippling the red and blue and a straight stitch in the ditch for the sun's rays? Hopefully that will tone down the blue cross as thats all I can see at the moment. It actually looks a bit religious to me.... Or maybe I shouldn't say that, cause if you point out the faults of your own quilt, nobody knows they are faults until you say it. LOL

And on a sad note, here is Grace and her beloved Uncle Just, her favourite Uncle, Daz's middle brother. Justin and his wife are moving to Brisbane as a result of a work promotion for him which is a fantastic opportunity for them but sad for us as the girls, especially Grace just adores him. She doesn't get that he's moving away though, she thinks he's going to live in Bindi's tree house! On the plus side, they are still in Australia, only a 4.5 hour plane ride away. He doesn't know I have a blog but see you soon Uncle Just! We'll all miss you!


Cass said...

Love the quilt Helen and the photo of Grace and her uncle is gorgeous

Emma said...

It looks great Helen! Very summery! But if you're not happy with the blue sashing/cross, why not remove it?

Helen said...

Good question Em. Cause my arcs don't quite match up, it didn't look good. Hopefully my swapee partner will be cool with the cross! LOL

Tine said...

what a great quilt! I love the sunny-warm feel of it.

Sequana said...

How about a thinner sashing in the same color tone of the sun? I don't think you're ever gonna be satisfied with this one. Really think about it before you quilt it.

susan said...

sorry graces fave uncle is moving so far away! :o( but how cool to live in bindis treehouse! hehe
i really like your quilt! stop already!! your partner will adore it, dont you dare rip out the seams. the cross bit does not stand out so much, and it doesnt remind me of anything religious
i love the colors, and those blocks are so darn awesome