Wednesday, March 19, 2008

WIP Week 10 - Squid Eye quilt top progress.

Well, here we have all 9 blocks sewn together. Not the best of photos sorry, I took two and then my camera battery died, always the way hey? I trimmed the blocks down to 11.5 inches, so my seams are spot on exactly. Which feels nice that I am not out for a change!

I'm liking it so far, its working. And I think it will be staying in this house. Which will be also be a change. A lot of changes in the air in my sewing world at the moment. :)


Sequana said...

I just love this. Wait til you see what I've been working on this week......*S*

I'll send you some mail.

annie in chicago

The Humming Cat said...

I am really liking it, bring it on Sunday and let an experienced battery camera charger take a pic for you!

Cass said...

Helen I love this quilt. Changes in your sewing world, do tell. Does that mean you need to change your FQ Birthday Swap preferences