Monday, March 10, 2008

Our Trip to Sydney part 2 - Material!

Firstly, there are lots of photos in this post! I hope blogger is behaving and lets you see them all! Okay, Tuesday was the big day! The fabric shopping trawl/crawl!! Ingrid braved the buses into the city and meet us at our hotel where Cass came and picked us up. First stop was The Remnant Warehouse. *sigh* A lovely choice indeed. The girl cutting the fabric was really nice too, she was amazed that we had all meet on the net!

Ingrid asking Ads if I had taken the shot yet, was it safe to turn around??!

The girls pausing, still deciding.....

All of us holding up our wares! I seem to have a little pile but I got all the below fabric.

This is from Prints Charming. It is soooooo soft!

These FQ's and a few half a metres of Moda's Chez Moi range.

These FQ's from unsure, but at $12 for the 4 I wasn't leaving them there!

Then back in the car to Spotlight. No snaps of our adventures there. We do have SL in Perth of course but just wanted to go to s Sydney one! Same crazy, crap service across the county we noted! It was in a group of "discount shops" so we snapped up some bargains at Pumpkin Patch too! We had some lunch to recharge the batteries then off to Material Obsession. I've wanted to go to this shop ever since I discovered their blog. Their style is always a riot of colur, just love it! We were too caught up in all the lovely fabric to snap any photos of the buying action.

I brought half a metre each of these prints. And because I had been such a good shopper all day, I treated myself and brought this book from Kaffe Fassett. Lots of eye candy in there to make some stunning quilts with all my new material!

And that was the end of the day, only three shops, but we piled a lot in there! Cass then drove us back over the Harbour Bridge, I took these shots out the window of the car, feeling very much like a tourist. The bridge always amazes me. The whole toll charge thing still has me scratching my head, we don't have tolls in Perth.

I managed to get a parting shot of Ingrid as we dropped her off at her bus stop! And I know she is just going to kill me when she see's this shot! But I think its great! See ya soon Ingrid!

After we got back to our hotel that night, Ads and I spread all our fabric purchases out on the bed too ohhh and ahhh and Ads then declared, she didn't have enough! So we arranged the next day for the patient and lovely Cass to take us to the Craft Depo. And I got these metre lots from there. Prices were quite good here, ranged from $10 to $24.00. Of course we like the ones at the $10 end of the scale more, these ones were in the middle at $15 a metre.

We then spent our last night in Sydney at Cass's place for tea which was lovely, nice and relaxed, yummy meal and a great sing along to the Sound of Music! Can't wait till Cass comes to Perth so we can take her on a Perth version of a fabric trawl!

Then on Thursday lunchtime we flew home. This was the view from my seat on the plane, stunning view. It was a great trip. Fantastic to catch up with both old and new friends.


atet said...

What a lovely trip you had! I'm seriously jealous over the trip to Material Obsessions -- I drool over their blog constantly! Happy belated anniversary to you and Daz as well!

Cass said...

Ingrid's going to kill you for that shot LOL. Saving my money already for the trip

ingrid said...

Yep, I am going to kill you! And then steal all your fabric!

What a horrid photo and the pumpkin patch bag just makes me look like a nasty suburban shopper, not the true fabric connoisseur that I am!

The rest of the pics are lovely though. I am glad someone remembered to snap away while we were having fun.

Emma said...

Wow, I could do with a holiday like that! I know what you mean about the Prints Charming fabric; it's devine! Love that doily/lace fabric - I have some in my stash. You've made some lovely coices!

Natalie said...

I'm so jealous of all your fabric shopping!!! Looks like you all had just a wonderful time, and all the photos are just beautiful.

Heids said...

You girls obviously had a fab time...did I already say that?? Glad it was so much fun. I have fabric and shopping and holidaying envy!

Andrea said...

Great photos Helen, looks like you all had a great time.

Ainslie said...

Sounds like you had a fantastic trip. I'm from Perth too and would love to know where your favourite places are to purchase fabric from over here(besides Spotlight!!!).

AJ said...