Wednesday, March 26, 2008

WIP Wednesday - Week 11 - 3 projects!!

My house is a mess at the moment. Washing folded in the basket, waiting to be put away. Another 2 loads of washing sititng in the dirty clothes hamper. Dishes from last night sitting in the sink. The tiles needs a mop and the carpet needs a vacumn. The ironing! Don't even want to look at that basket! And the reason for all this household chaos? I have 3 WIP's on the go! 3!! I feel almost giddy! I'm usually a 1 WIP at the time sort of girl, don't even think about the next quilt till I am sewing down the binding of the current project.

A girlfriend's EDD has crept up on me sooner than realized so the other night I sewed these charm squares together. Just a simple, 6 rows of 6, I think the charms are 4.5 inches. A simple 2 inch border of fabric left over from this quilt and wolah, all ready to sandwich. Its just a quick little simple number, but the prints are sweet. From the Moda range, Sweet Baby Jane that I got back here in October.

And my squid eyes..... Well I have sewn a narrow 1 inch border of white and black around it, and now its just pinned up on the wall deciding what to do next. I'm torn between 3 options, a 4 or 5 inch plain white border with scattered dots over it in the same style as the squid eyes. Or maybe smaller squares with just two dots in each square. Or maybe just rectangles of the different red/black/white prints. Unsure. Going to have to do some sketching to see which would work the best.

And amungst all this, I thought it was time to start my 4 Season's Doll Quilt. I have done a cute little pencil sketch to remind me of the direction to take. I'm taking the above box of scraps and have cut and sewn them into strips. Thats all I'm revealling now.

Phew! A mammoth WIP Wednesday here. Hope all is going well in your sewing rooms too.


Belinda said...

The baby quilt is very cute.

My opinion on the squid eyes ~ go with the rectangles of red, black and white.

Cant wait to see what you make of all the colourful strips, you have some great colours to work with!

Emma said...

Busy girl! Good to see you have your priorities straight! I just love the colours for the doll quilt.

Cass said...

Helen I am positively giddy, 3 projects at once. Love the squid eyes and the baby quilt too of course

AJ said...

Oh'll soon have at least 14 like a quilting expert I know!! :P

Sweet Baby Jane is one of my favourites!! and got with the mixed checks for the border!

Cascade Lily said...

Housework Shmousework! Tis a quilting frenzy! Go Helen!!!