Friday, March 07, 2008

Baby T's quilt finished.

We are back from sunny Sydney. *sigh* Crashed back to the reality of washing, school lunches, breaking up fights over Little Ponies, dishes, you know the drill! Also back to huge hugs, sloppy kisses and "I love you Mummy, do I have a present from Sydney??!"

I posted this quilt to its new owner last week before we left and it arrived safely while I was away so I can post photos now of it finshed. I have over 100 snaps to go through from our time away, and so much to tell, so am going to put a mammoth post over the weekend. Meanwhile ohhh and ahhh over how cute Baby T is. I love this label more than the quilt maybe, it looked great I thought. Printed onto fabric that you run through the bubblejet printed, amazing quality.


AJ said...

So sweet Helen!! Great Pic!!

Cass said...

Helen lovely quilt and picture

minimon said...

First time on your blog and I´m amazed at your wonderful quilts! I think this one is my favourit - love the colours very much!