Friday, February 29, 2008

Mystery Quilt coming together!

Here is my Mystery Quilt, so far..... I have sewn the top 3 rows, the rest is just laid out. I'm not happy with my points! Look at them, they are out of wack! How can I get it right in three corners and be off in the 4th!?? Very fustrating. Looks like I'll be doing some one on one time with my unpicker.

I have folded it up to deal with later as we are flying to Sydney early Sunday. Yahhhh! We booked this trip back in August last year, I can't believe its finally here. Should be lots of fun, catching up with friends, both old and new. May just squeeze a bit of fabric shopping in!

And just a final shot of my girls who insisted on testing the new quilt after I took the photo's. Grace asked if it was for her! I don't really know who this quilt is for which seems strange as I always make my quilts with someone in mind. Something to ponder about while I unpick those offending points that don't match!

Have a great week out there in blog land! Chat to you all later this week. Sydney is calling!


Emma said...

I have done very few quilts without a destination or specific use in mind. The D9P was one; it has become a general use quilt, for Eleanor to play on in the study, to take on the lawn, or as a spare bed quilt, given the size. Yours could become a loung-room quilt for snuggling undre on cool nights (a little way away yet!). I also did a couple of experimental quilts which I made cot-size and used later as gifts when babies arrived. If I ever get ahead of the game again, I will do more like that!

AJ said...

Nice Helen...I like it...The girls look just like my cat testing out my quilts!

The Carolina Quilter said...

Cute quilt and precious girls! Your summer over there while we are just entering spring here in the Carolina's. Makes me actually want to get some spring cleaning done. Enjoy your trip. I'd love to visit your country--maybe one of these days.