Wednesday, February 13, 2008

WIP Week 5 - AJ's mystery quilt started!

Well I receieved a pleasant suprise yesterday in blogland. My Dissappearing 9 Patch quilt I made in December is featured on the Sew Mama Sew blog in their 9 Patch Highlights! How cool is that? I felt quite chuffed when I found out. So it was with great enthausism that I jumped into AJ's Mystery Quilt today.

Here I am, all ready to go. Everything labelled and piled in zip lock bags. Whoever invented zip lock bags was a genius, where would a quilting girl be without her assortment of zip lock bags! I have had a change of heart with my feature fabric though. The butterfly print as much as I loved it, wasn't going to work. The blocks had to be 6.5 inches wide and the butterflies were bigger than that size, they would have looked odd with their wings cut off. So I'm using this print below, a Valori Wells print.

I don't know which one yet, maybe 6 blocks of each as 12 are needed. I'll see when it comes time to sew those bits, I'll cut them then.

So here I have my hourglass blocks, 9 blocks of those from these instructions here.

And here is my GHF blocks! Instructions from here. 32 of those! I'm certainly getting to practise my points lining up so far. I stuffed up on my left and right on these though. The blue triangle is supposed to be on the left, not the right. But that won't make any real difference to it will it AJ??

Okay, onto my flying geese now. This will be fun as I have never done flying geese. Bring it on!


AJ said...

Never done Flying Geese...really...Glad I picked something you hadn't done before....will make it more interesting for if only you could help poor Ads...LOL

The left/right won't matter they will just turn the other way when you put them together...not worth the unpicking!!

Samantha said...

What fun fabrics- this is going to be great!

Cascade Lily said...

Congrats on being featured on Sew Mama Sew! I'm about to start my first D9P so hope it's as easy as it looks! The mystery quilt looks like fun!