Wednesday, February 27, 2008

WIP Week 7 - The start of a Round Robin!

A few of my fellow EB Quilters have joined together to do a Round Robin. Very exciting as I have never done one of these before. Basically, you do a centre peice, then post it off to the next person, they add a border, then it gets posted off again and the next person adds a border and so on until everyone in has added a bit. Should be interesting to see everyones's different styles merge togther. I have been flicking through mags for inpiration and was struck by the photo above in a copy of American Patchwork and Quilting. Its a quilt by a lady called Kaye England. The inscription read "this large scale, mid 19th century example is typical of the time period. One features a coneflower and the other a pomegrantae." So I used the pomegrantae one as my inspiration. When I sketched it out though it got the Daz thumbs down though as it reminded him of somthing else, maybe something not that appropriate and looking at it, he was right so I changed it into a tulip motif. Went for a red, white and black colour scheme, which is unlike my usual pallett but all the quilts I am ohhhhing and ahhhhhing at the moment have white in them.

I had decided to machine blanket stitch this one, make it look a bit slicker. I'm half way through so far, should get it finished before flying out on Sunday to sunny Sydney!


AJ said...

Ohh...loving red, black and white at the moment too...I'd like some white in my RR quilt...maybe you will be the person to add it!!

Corrie said...

oh it looks great and love the blanket stitch! looks fab!

jealous of your sydney trip and so sorry I won't be there in person but have lots of fun!


Emma said...

Wow! Your own design? Can't wait to see it! Lovely palette, too!