Wednesday, June 11, 2008

WIP Week 20 - Mini Quilt Swap

A few weeks ago I signed up for a swap which was a mini 6 to 12 inch quilt swap. And inspired by my wonky green and white blocks the other week, I whipped up this.

It was fun to make, loved the prints against the white, loved the wonky detailed quilting in the squares. I sewed down the binding and thought, ohhhhh, I love this! And I thought, I don't want to swap this, I want to keep it for me! So sorry to my swap partner, this one is staying here.

Then I thought, ahhh, what can I make her now instead? I didn't want to make another block like this, so I put the thought on the backburner in my head and turned my attention to repairing some dress up clothes from Grace's school I had volunteered to fix. I was rummaging in the storage tub looking fro some pink ribbon to sew on a cape, when I came across this in a plastic bag! I had totally forgotten about this WIP!

Its all blanket stitched by hand, from a pattern I got ages ago, the cow, bee and dog are my own design, but the rest are from this pattern. So, I have taken one of these blocks and made that into the block to swap! No pictures until its at its new home. Its looking cute though! Just have to sew down the binding. I have enough material here for a few blocks I think!


susan said...

is it the house??
oh i love games...
you can tell me, i wont tell. hehe
i really like the little quilt you made and kept, the colors do look really good against the white

Cass said...

Helen I love the mini quilt the colours are great. The second one looks good to of course

upstateLisa said...

Wow! Helen, I love them both!!!!

AJ said...

Nice Helen! Are you going to finish the others into onw big quilts or smaller ones??

Jacquie said...

Oooh Helen, I LOVE that quilt. So funky and fun! So glad I found your blog, such inspiration!!!