Thursday, June 05, 2008

Caitlin's Hanger Finished.

Well it was Caitlin's party on the Sunday just passed but I didn't get this hanger finished in time. I wasn't too worried as I had a back up present of some Little People and am seeing her and her Mum tomorrow for our usual Friday Mothers group catch up over coffee. So I finished sewing the tabs on this last night while watching House on telly. I like the matching green floral background and orange binding. Got that at last years Craft Fair, first time I had even cut it up!

And while I am posting photos of hangers sewn, thought I would inlude these two. Finished for Christmas 2004 I think. Look at the dodgy binding! Oh dear, the things you learn over the years...... Nicholas is the longest name I have ever done on a hanger, hence it being a bit bunched up around the letters.

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On other quilting news, have you stumbled across this group for Quilting Bloggers? A lovely site to find more quilting blogs to browse. You can add your blog for free, search for blogs by country as well. More time to sit on the computer!

Thanks for all the comments on my last post and the wonky blocks. The multi print one and white, I'm looking at it thinking this is boarder line being really crap or really cool. A fine line indeed! I have the block finished now and ready to sandwich. The fun part!


AJ said...

LOL sorry Helen...had to laugh at your old binding....this new one is much better!!

Little Munchkins said...

I really like the hangers. As a non quilter I didn't even notice the bunching up at the letters of the binding. Looked fine to me actually :)

Anonymous said...

I really love these hangers. They are just gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

And let me say that their owners, Rhys and Nicholas, have never commented on the borders or bunching either. They love their fish and rooster. We are very proud to have them in our home. Love MVxx

mishka said...

Hi Helen,

Thanks for posting about my site, Quilting Bloggers and adding the banner to your sidebar. I really appreciate the support. :)

I love your hangers .. I'm curious did you blanket stitch by hand or machine? I'm just fusing a project at the moment, and plan to stitch it by hand.. we'll see how that works out.

Happy Quilting,

Cascade Lily said...

Well done! You are such a busy sewer. Love the green and white wonky blocks too. Feeling liberated?