Monday, September 25, 2006

Latest Baby Quilt.

Well I have been waiting to load picts of the latest baby quilt I have made, waiting till I knew it arrived safely at its new home, didn't want to the suprise to be spoilt! I'm not sure if the baby's mum checks my blog or not, just didn't want to risk it. I'm sure you fellow EB sewing buddy's know what I mean! :) Anyway, it arrived and they love it which is always nice to hear. Wonder what would happen if someone said, nope, hate it! What do you do then?!

I started blanket stitching these flowers back when I was in hospital the week before Milly was born. She was an elective C and due to her lying transverse the doctors wanted me in a week before the C date in case she came early. She didn't though, knew she wouldn't, but I had a week of sitting in my hospital room doing lots of hand sewing. These were intended for a cushion but I had sewn so many we already had 3 flower cushions, so they have sat in my UFO box since then and Milly is nearly 2! Anyway, really pleased with the end result, nice and bright. A simple design but effective. Can't really see it in the above photo, but in the inside boarder was a decorative fancy wandering flower and leaf stitch. Hope baby Z gets to poo and spew on it often! Here's what it looked like on the 17th last month.

Recieved news today that I have a part time job! Well casual, part time, just a few days a week to start with then as Christmas gets closer more hours. Lets just say it is with an Australian wide department store and fingers crossed I'll get to work in the children's clothing department! On the down time, less sewing time. On the plus, more money to buy sewing stuff!


lolliegirl said...

Helen, great quilt! Love the colours. Congratulations on the job too!

Cass said...

Helen, Love the quilt and well done on the job and happy spending with al lthat extra money