Monday, September 04, 2006

Patchwork? Whats that??

Ahhh the irony! I set up a blog calling it the Patchwork of Mini Grey, hoping it will inspire me to do more actual patchwork and do we have any patchwork in here? Not much! LOL

Really enjoy the fact that I can finish an item for the girls in a day or so rather than the months it can take to sew a quilt. Well thats the excuse I am using!

But am feeling a bit neglectful and so have started on T's quilt. Finished 4 x 9 square blocks for the corners and I have the letters of her name to vizofix tonight. Dipping my toes in back slowly..... AJ if your reading this picts for you! Sorry its so small!

Have finished the flower quilt that was on the felt wall a few posts back, but no picts of that till it's on its way to its new home.

Waiting for this Perth weather to warm up into spring too so the girls can actually start to wear what I make them!

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AJ said...

Hi Helen,

Yep I'm reading.... been a bit slack on my own sewing lately though. Corners look good. I haven't done any more on the quilt one for my friend either. Must finish it soon!!

I've loved your skirts by the way...can't wait til I can make some for my own daughters!