Sunday, September 10, 2006

My Fabric Stash.

Well the addition of Tessa to my sewing "room" has made me have bit of a tidy up. Grouped all the colours together, FQ's and anything less than a metre in the box or bag, everything else folded neatly. Wonder how long it will last?!

Love that first shot, the colours are fantastic. There is a line in a Crowded House song who's title I don't remember but the line "colour is its own reward" is a line close to my heart. :)


ingrid said...

Golly gosh Helen. Are you trying to give Brazen a run for her money? I love the way you have sorted. I dream about colour sorting. Ahhh, maybe one day when I actually have a proper sewing space!
Also just letting you know you have been tagged!

Cass said...

Helen, sure you have enough LOL. Well done for getting it organised. I organised mine the other day and it all went on 1 shelf. I have a bit of a way to go to catch up.

Helen said...

LOL Ingrid, I'm way off overtaking Brazen in the fabric stash race! :) Cass, you make too much stuff to have any fabric on your shelves!! Get thee to SL!! LOL

AJ said...

HI Helen,

Your stash looks a lot like mine...all brights!! LOL

brazen's crafts said...

hey, no wonder my ears were burning! lol

gorgeous stash!