Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Billie's Quilt goes to its home!

At last! After being born 4 months ago and despite me finishing the binding on this quilt, 2 hours before he actually entered the world, it has taken all this time for us to arrange a catch up visit with baby Billie!

So here it is! Pattern taken from a pattern in the Patchwork and Stitching mag. But I added the black and white boarder around the horse panal so had to make the rectangles the hearts were in a bit wider. Was a challenge working in blue tones as everything is usually purple and pink! His mum loved it which is always lovely to see. She is one of these girls that is just born to be a mum and after having so much trouble falling PG, it is such a delight to see a 4 month old baby on her hip! And I was proud of myself too, even though I felt a bit clucky holding him and gooing and gaaing away, as soon as I handed him back, the feeling vanished! So thats the trick, don't hold any babies Helen!


Cass said...

Helen, that is absolutely gorgeous. Well done you are so clever

lolliegirl said...

BEAUTIFUL!!! Well worth the wait I would think :D