Thursday, September 28, 2006

My Pincushion.

Well I am in sewing limbo land at the moment. Working on my softie, shhhhh, top secret though! I’m up to the hair, that’s all I am saying.

Thought I’d post a picture of my pincushion though. Humble little chook it is. Mum actually gave it to me a few years ago, a friend made it for her, and she had 5 pincushions in her sewing room while I was starting out sewing and had none. "Oh, you have to have a pincushion!" and handed me the chook. Now Milly is older I have to remember to place it up higher as a few times over the last week I have walked into the sewing room to find every single pin pulled out and scattered over the floor and a cheeky smile from Miss I'm Nearly 2 and Shouldn't Be Doing This!

Here are some interesting pincushion links I'll save for future reference.
Pincushion challenge.
Pincushion gallery.


Andrea said...

How cute! We should make our next swap/challenge a pincushion.
Mind you I did look at that and thought, "How did Helen whip that up since this afternoon?" It looks fiddly but fun!

Cass said...

Helen, looks great but I agree with Andrea, looks fiddly

ingrid said...

What a cute little chook! And those links are great. I would be up for a pin cushion challenge, but first I would have to make one for myself.