Thursday, September 07, 2006

Shirring Success!

Well I have done some shirring! I thought it would be so hard and it was sooo easy! The hardest thing was winding the elastic on the bobbin. I ended up doing it by hand as I couldn't get the tension right on the machine way of winding.

Anyway more of this pink flower and butterfly material, I'm not sick of it yet. Lucky cause I still have like 3 metres left! Its so light and summery. Not that we are having any summer weather here in Perth, its sooo cold at the moment, an icy wind straight off Antartica I think.

Milly's not looking too impressed though with it is she?! Maybe next time for the shoulder ties, just do one strap and have a button or a press stud at the back? That would work. Although the bow is cute!

So next plan is to do Grace a matching top and then maybe some dresses, the same style. Different fabric though!

What is with blogger and the new small text??


Cass said...

Helen, love the top. Haven't ventured to shirring yet seems a bit frightening.

Andrea said...

YAY Helen, that looks great. Our girls have matching styles! Funny that we were sewing the same thing!
I can't wait for Ellyse to try hers tomorrow!

Andrea said...

I just wanted to ask how many rows of shirring you did?

Natalie said...
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Natalie said...

Gorgeous top Helen. I love the fabric and it just looks adorable on.

paula said...

What a gorgeous top and picture :)