Thursday, September 21, 2006

I've been tagged again!

The lovely Brazen has tagged me. And in return I'll tag Ingrid and Cass. Got you girls!

1. What is your current pet peeve? The girls getting colds again! Its spring! Why are we still sniffling and coughing?

2. Would you rather be annoyed or bored? Neither! But between the two I'd go for bored. Being annoyed just eats at you and makes you grumpy.

3. When did you last drink champagne? Too long ago! New Years Eve I think.

4. Who sleeps in your bed? Me and DH! Grace comes in when she wakes at 6.30am ish and Milly comes in when we get her out of her cot!

5. What TV hunk can come knock at your door? Ben the Wiggley dancer! LOL

6. Do you wear perfume? Yes, Dior something at the moment. Got a little mini gift box of Dior perfume last Christmas and am working my way through the bottles. Dune?

7.If you wrote a book what type would it be? A best seller! Who knows? Most likely a gracie Lou story book. And that may be a reality sooner than we think! :)

8. When did you last go to the dentist? About two years ago. I took a chip out of my front tooth when I was taking a tag off a shirt for Grace, right before we were to go to a Hooley Dooleys gig. I looked like a freak! Went to the dentist to have it refilled and the edges of my teeth filed down. Hate the dentist.

9.Ooops, you've just had boy/girl twins- what are they called? I have to think up a third girls name? I've already used up all the names I like! Boys names, well we're lucky we had girls cause that one is just too hard.

10.How do you get your news- TV/Internet/paper? Through EB or my sister calling me saying "Did you hear the news about...."

11.Do you believe the story that Naomi Robson was going to save a boy from cannibals? I had no idea about this until watching Media Watch the other night on the ABC! Who knows? I'd say most likely not....

12. If you could go back in history where do you want to visit? Either England during Pride and Prejudice times or the South of the US to be Scarlett O'Hara.

13.I am having a fancy dress party. What are you dressed as? Might just continue that answer from the above, I'll come as Scarlett O'Hara!

Okay, enough about me. Back to the sewing!

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Cass said...

No problems Helen. I guess you will be going for West Coast now. I'm not feeling very confident as they will be ou for revenge. Hopefully it won't be as close as the last few times we have played them otherwise I may go into labour early