Tuesday, September 12, 2006

T'Keyah Angel's quilt part 1.

Well at last I have finally completed two of the boarder panals for T'Keyah Angel's quilt. Yes, I know one is longer than the other, I'll trim it when I sew it to the rest of the quilt top. I'm happy with it, just hope she likes it too. And AJ as well! I feel like I'm just complementing her hard work as she was the one that sewed all those squares together!

So hopefully at the end of the week it will be all done and I can work on some other stuff. I have promised myself that I must NOT start anything else till my current projects are all done. So I have to do the following:

1. Sew on the label for Z's quilt. Wash, deliver.
2. Softie swap for EB!!! Must start that!
3. Grace's shirring baby doll top to match Milly's, all cut, ready to do the shirring!
4. Redo the waistband in the skirt for Grace that I adapted from an adult skirt. Now I have discovered non roll elastic, I want to fix that!

Okay, off for some lunch I think. Pesto spagetti and a diet coke! Oh, talking of food, thank you all for your lovely comments about Grace and our potato stash! Great to read that so many of you also grow your own veggies and fruit. Wish I lived closer to you Ingrid with that mango tree! Mmmmmmm!


AJ said...

Arrghhh Helen I LOVE it!!!! They are just the type of letters I'm looking for it finish my Fairy Quilt are they out of a book???

Helen said...

They are from a Hot Possum pattern sheet. Let me photocopy it on Saturday and post it to you! :)