Tuesday, September 19, 2006

My first attempt at pants!

Well one of the patterns I got last Friday included pants and so thought I'd try making some. Never made pants before. Grace is a size 2 waist but a size 3 length. And Milly is a size 3 waist with her cloth nappy bum and size 1 - 2 in length, little petitie munchkin she is. I have yet to get the hang of adding in a seam allowance as you go, thats why I ended up making two pairs, the first pair looked massive, so I took an inch of each side and whoops! They were then too small for Grace so adjusted the length for Milly. Even then still a bit too tight on her bum but should be okay for the summer.

Grace flat out refuses to try her's on for a snap. The joys of being 3 and a half....... I have already cut out another pair for her, working on mastering the seam allowance. Thinking a ruffle at the hem and maybe some more fancy ribbon detail?

My sister rung this morning. We both have our kids in day care (well school for her oldest 2) so I'm packing up my machine and heading over for a day of sewing! Looking foward to it and its only Tuesday!


Andrea said...

Well done Helen, they look fantastic. I think matching clothes is adorable.
I hate it how the sizings never fit! Just when you think you have it right!!
Very cute, love the fabric!

Leah said...

Fabric's fabulous. They look great! I'm with Andrea, matching clothes are just lovely - aren't we lucky?

Cass said...

Helen they look great, I love the fabric. I know how you feel about getting Grace to try things on, Charlotte is great once it is finished but to try something on for sizing you would think you were asking for the world! I now just judge the elasatic for the waist and I have gotten ok at it. She likes her clothes to sit below her tummy (chubby thing she is) and then I usually just measure against another pair of pants or shorts for the length or take it up if I am horribly out.

brazen's crafts said...

tagged you :o)

paula said...

love the pants Helen, such a sweet fabric :)