Thursday, August 17, 2006

Whats up on the Felt Wall today!

Well my sewing efforts for the girls dresses has come to a halt over the last few days. I adjusted the length of this bodice and didn’t adjust the skirt top width, stuffed it all up and so have been spending some time unpicking.

So in the mean time I couldn’t let the dust settle on my machine and so continued this daisy quilt top, cutting all these strips and adding on the boarders. I have found a home for it, have two weeks to finish it. Haven’t got anything finished to show off, so just thought I’d take a photo of where I am up to today.

My UFO quilt went for $26.00. Not a huge amount but that’s $26.00 more to go buy more material with!


ingrid said...

Hi Helen, I love the colours in the daisy quilt. I would love to learn quilting, but I don't think i have the patience.

AJ said...

Hi Helen,

Is that just a blanket for your design wall??? I've been thinking of getting one...Do you just hang it off the curtain rail???

AJ said...

Opps forgot to add I like the flowers....right up my alley....BRIGHT!!!

Helen said...

Ingrid, the amount of hassle I have had today doing a simple waistband.... was thinking I need paitence to do that!

AJ, Its just one of those el cheapo tableclothes that have the fuzzy white backing. I have actually staple gunned mine to the top of the door frame, naughty Hel! But Mum has her's hanging off a rod in her sewing room.

Thanks for looking guys! :)