Thursday, August 10, 2006

UFO Discovery!

Well last night I had a rummage through the sewing cupboard and discovered some UFO’s, unfinished objects! This above one is sooooo bad, one of the first things I’d ever attempted. Colours and design okay I suppose, but the actually quilting? Very cringe worthy! So I have put it on ebay! Starting bid of 99 cents! Just couldn't bear to throw it away, so hopefully someone will take it off my hands and finish it. Its about half way finished in the quilting on the boarders, I used the wrong colour thread, too dark a pink, shows up where I went wonky!

And I also discovered some 6 inch blocks of flowers, simple daisies that have been blanket stitched. I've just cut some more matching and make that into a quick little baby quilt too. Oh, can I ever sew anything bigger than cot size???! Its so cute though.

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brazen's crafts said...

boo! here's the co-op :o)