Monday, August 14, 2006

The less than 24 hour dress.

How geeky does it sound "Oh, I just want to go and update my blog" after dinner is over. Daz just goes, "Ok!" Think he's chuffed his wife has her own blog! Okay, here is my second attempt in making a dress. This one is a size 3 and it actually fits Grace as I sewed closer to the seam allowances, as opposed to just whereever on the green one made on Friday! Really quite pleased with it, as I worked out how to do the bodice with the lining perfectly, looks real professional inside. I'm just amazed, started cutting on Sunday lunchtime, all done by today! Well I guess the pattern does say "easy!"

Here's Grace pausing from twirling around the room modelling it. Such beautiful fabric. One of my USA Co Op purchases. Have cut the fabric out for the same pattern again, one for Milly now, have done it a size 1 this time. Using the fabric I got the other day with a green bodice this time. Think I like the bodice in a contrasting colour.

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AJ said...

What a cutie....looks like a nice cool summer dress!!