Thursday, August 31, 2006

The matching T shirt!!

At last!! A T shirt to match a skirt!!

Went to Target this morning, $6.00 later got this hot pink plain T shirt. Got home, got out the vixofix and wolah! Appliqued on three flowers to match the latest twirly skirt! So simple!! Was going to do a butterfly but the outline was a bit fiddly, so went with a simple shape. As it was my machine kinda got stuck on the right hand flower petal and when I went to unpick it left a big 3 mm hole in the fabric! So had to put another flower over the top!

Does this count as sewing even though I didn't sew the actual T shirt??! LOL


Belinda said...

I hope it counts as sewing, cause applique is all I have been able to do lately.
It looks great!
You will have to take a picture of the skirt and t-shirt together now.

lolliegirl said...

Awww!! That is lovely Helen :) I love it!!!