Friday, August 04, 2006

Latest 3 Wet Bags for Buyena

Well the binding continues on the pink quilt. In the meantime I have whipped up these three wet bags to sell on Buyena. I haven't any more PUL at the moment, waiting on that order, so these three will be the last for a few weeks. I like making them, so cute, don't take long and hey the extra money is nice too!

Have started thinking about my next quilting adventure. Seeing as though there is a baby boom early in the New Year, time to start. My daughters go to FDC one day a week and their carer, a lovely lady is pregnant with her first. So I am making her a baby quilt. Was thinking this design. Photo is taken from the latest adition of Patchwork and Quilting. Pretty soft baby colours and teddy bears, not really my style but it is her's and always a challenge to work outside ones square!

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