Tuesday, August 22, 2006

AJ's lovely quilt.

Recieved a knock on the door this morning, a lady from Australia Post asking me to sign for a parcel. This is what it was! A beautiful quilt top from AJ! Wow, was so exicited! Its not for me though, AJ has sewed the top and now I am going to do the boarders and blanket stitch on the little girls name it is for. Then off to another EB Quilting Buddy to be quilted. Thats one of the things I love about EB, this online Australian wide community of sewing.

And below are the boosters I finished last night! Thought I'd post a pict for Cass who asked what boosters where! LOL Two layers of hemp terry plus an extra two layers in the "wet zone" and two layers of flannelette. Good way to use up my flannel scraps!


AJ said...

ooohhh Helen what a lovely quilt...what a talanted sewer that AJ must be!!!! ;)

Helen said...

AJ, found some of those fairy blocks at my local SL today that you got off ebay..... :(