Saturday, May 31, 2008

The last day of May!

The last day of May! I made it through! I will admit I saved a few posts in draft mode till I had time to come back and load the photo's up, but hey, life is busy some days!

My last post for the month is to show off this classic machine, the Elna Lotus! My machine is still at the sewing machine hospital, so I have borrows this baby from my Mum. This actually used to be Nan's machine, so its survived 3 generations and still going strong. I actually made by first 3 or 4 quilts on it when I was starting out and quickly realized I needed to buy my own machine. But using this one today made me realize how mine does need a service, the feed dogs on this little baby are great, they mve the fabric along smoothly and quickly, my machine has a bit croaky in that department. Hopefully when I get her back she'll be humming along like new!

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AJ said...

Cute machine Helen!! I tried to use my mum's last Christmas and it sent to batty...I'll be taking my own machine next time!!