Saturday, May 24, 2008

Patterns to make one day....

Well I have managed to have a look through my birthday quilting books and have already post it noted 3 that I just have to make!

Jan Mullen's version of the Snail Trail. Never even done the real version of a Snail Trail so this should be fun!

And for something completely different, some crisp clean lines from Denise Schmidt. This one is called Ice Pops. And the one below is called Drunk Love 2-Tone.

There are no photos of the complete quilt finished layed out, just ones of the quilts drapped artistically over the bed which I must admit I find a bit annoying as I want to see the effect of the whole quilt! Oh well, when I make them then I'll be able to see for myself!


Cass said...

Helen looks like a great book. The Ice Pop one looks good

AJ said...

A definate must for the snail trail one...not sure about the others...:)