Monday, May 26, 2008

Quilts from the Show!

Well besides buying lots of goodies, we also got to see some amazing quilts. We were allowed to take photos which I must admit suprised me cause in previous years it has been strictly no photo's. I did check with one of the ladies on white glove duty before snapping away and she smiled and said "Go for it!" So I did....

This one is by a lady called Gay Kershaw, who is one of Jule's quilting buddies. This quilt is made up of 2 inch squares, each a square from her stash!

Here is Milly cheesing it up for the camera in front of a quilt by Pat Goodchild. Mainly Amy Butler prints, simple but very effective and striking triangles.

And seeing beyond those children at the front, this quilt is by Lana Lefroy. I liked the use of black and white on the borders for this, and how in the rainbow just near Cate's head, the colours form stars.

This one was great too! Simple wonky stripes! By Lilley Robb, she picked up 3rd prize in the Junior section for this one. Very nice!

And this one was one of my favourites! By Stephanie Knudsen. Hand quilted too, lovely.

And this one by Deborah Claringbold, its from a pattern called Power of Three by Lisa Walton. We had only stood at the front of her stall an hour earlier and ummed and ahhed over buying the pattern to make this oursleves. Maybe we should have gone back? Its fantastic. Want to by the original? Check it out here. It is stunning.

And last one. The girls were drawn to Screeching Cockatoo by Helen Godden. Not part of the WAQA Exhibition, but part of a travelling exhibition of all the Best Of Show Quilts from around Australia. A very inspiring display.


Chookyblue...... said...

thanks for sharing the fav is the cookatoo

Car said...

Wasn't that Cockatoo quilt amazing! I loved how she quilted it with free motion cockatoos in the background - awesome work!

susan said...

wow that is some eye candy!! all so gorgeous, and i love the cheesy grin!!!

AJ said...

I love the rainbow one.. and those cute kids in the front!!

Nancy said...

WOW! Thanks for sharing these fabulous, inspiring quilts. Those 2 inch squares knocked my slippers off.

Loved your little girl's Amy Butler smock in the previous post - that's darling!