Friday, May 30, 2008

This weeks mail.....

I recently joined in a 10 inch cake layer swap with some girls on the EB Quilters. We each sent 10, 10 inch squares in a colour specified by the other person and in return got 10, 10 inch squares in the colourways requested back! I said blues and greens please and look at the goodies I got in the mail this week. In the below photo, from the dark blue down to the Denise Schmidt Flea Market print are from Ads. And then from the blue spots to the Kaffe flowers are from Mands. She did send 10 but I imediately cut up some from the slice and dice quilt.

And these ones above are from AJ. Her fabric taste and mine is so tuned in to each other! Love every print AJ! Incidentally she is having a giveaway on her blog at the moment, go and check it out!

Being May, it was my birthday last week and at the start of the year I decided to organize a birthday FQ swap with the EB Quilters and Sewing girls. The idea being that you specified a colourway or preference and then when a person's birthday came up, you would sent them a FQ in their preference and then when your birthday came, you would get all these FQ's back in your preference! So over the last few weeks I have had envelopes arriving in the mailbox. All different shapes and sizes, some when I opened then were just sitting in the envelope, and others were beautifully wrapped with a ribbon and a birthday card and a few little extra's. Just receiving fabric in the mail is nice enough but a little card with a hand written happy birthday is lovely.

Look at all my treasures! My request was bright pinks, no suprise there hey? At the top, a Country Patchwork magazine from Xena, a P & Q mag from Mands. Top row, left to right, a lovely Kaffe Fassett print from Natalie. A soft floral from Kylie. Funky spots on hot pink from Xena. Cute retro kids playing games from Joy. A 30cm strip the whole width of the bolt of multicoloured spots on white from Lily, which was a nice suprise as sometimes the length is good to have, good thinking Lily! And Cass spoilt me with 2 FQ's and a metre of a floral print! Next row, an incrediably rich and beautiful another Kaffe print I think from Cylie, I think this one may be my favourite! Emma sent 2 as well, funky swirly suns and a plain pink swirl tone on tone, both are very nice. Mands also sent with the mag a beautiful soft Prints Charming FQ and some scraps. Next row, a soft pink with little gold embellished wasps from Kylie and this cute packet of little cat and animal buttons. A rich deep pink and red thistle and vine print from Leah. Two FQ's and some scraps which from Ad's. And lastly, the bottom row. AJ filled a whole satchel of goodies, totally spoiling me! There was a whole metre of soft multi colioured swirls, then FQ's of stripes, swirls and spots and a a packet of retro needles and a fantastic new pattern! Sort of a star version of a slice and dice. Another pattern to add to the list!

Thank you girls for everything. A great mix of FQ's to add to the stash! Who wants to do it again next year?!


AJ said...

I'm in for next year and I haven't even had my turn yet!!! I can't wait!!!

That pink/white/dark pink swirls one is my favourite...I kept some for myself too!! And I bought some in orange and blue as well!!

Cass said...

Helen, happy birthday again. I thought that extra floral fabric might be good for something for one of the girl's for summer, a skirt maybe

Helen said...

Cass, thats just what I thought too, a skirt, it would fall really nicely. Oh AJ, other colourways???

jane said...

Birthday fat quarter swaps are great...we are going for about the third year...a few of us request fossil ferns and orientals, kaffe Fasset was another one and we have had butterflies and roses. Good fun and excuse to buy some and give some.

Cascade Lily said...

Nice Mr Postman! Wow your FQs are great. So glad you like the spots...I am going to head back and get some more for myself :)

Layer cake is a great idea too.

I'll go in for both next time!