Saturday, May 03, 2008

A Post a Day in May!

A Post a Day in May! Why not? A great idea from the beautiful Allsorts blog. I missed the first day though, but had the last day of April, can I use that as a credit?

A post isn't a post without a photo of some sewing action. There are two things under my 1/4th inch foot today. One I can't talk about as its part of the Round Robin I'm in. I must admit I have been putting this off cause I haven't been inspired but think I am in the groove of it now!

And I have whipped up these blocks above. In my recent fabric scrap swap from Sequana I had enough 2.5 inch squares from the Strawberry Lemonade range from Moda, she had a whole Jelly Roll of it! I had enough to sew 12 blocks, they'll be 6 inches square and I'm thinking of doing a good old Dissappearing 9 Patch! But the thing is, I haven't a purpose for this little quilt, I'm thinking just because. Maybe a blog give away for my 2nd year "blogversary" in June? All my girlfriends are having boy babies at the moment..... I have one that needs to be started and of course when you need to sew something, sewing something else that you don't really need to sew becomes so much more appealing!


Sequana said...

I thot I recognized those blocks. *S*
Makes me remember that I should be using some of YOUR great fabrics you sent me.
So many things to do, so little time.
Good job on the blocks. Isn't that a fun collection?

Emma said...

There's nothing wrong with posting a peek!

Natalie said...

Aww that is looking adorable!

Helen said...

Sequana! Your ears must have been burning when I made this post! LOL Love to see the quilt you made with the same fabric, is it in flickr?

Belinda said...

You know they say Procratination is an art form. But I think finishing something else first will give you more motivation to finish your round robin. Love the fabric too.

ingrid said...

I love these colours Helen. They looks so fresh and yummy!