Wednesday, April 16, 2008

WIP Wednesday Week 13. More dolls quilts

*sigh* I know, more dolls quilt WIP shots. I'm getting a bit over it all really. I think doing two in the same month was too much. Well, rather 3, if I had measured properly and not gotten excitied in the outside "piano key" boaders (thanks for that terminology Lily!) So I'm finally up to the binding with the 4 Seasons one. Taken me the last two days to do all the quilting on it. The colours are a bit different to the first big one. When this one is done I'll compare them side by side, maybe do a vote of which one to send? I'm sure my swapee wouldn't mind the bigger one, although I have picked out the space on my wall ready to hang it. Well, I need to sew a pocket rod thingy on the back yet.

And cruising along nicely for the flickr swap. I know my swap partner reads here so I'm going to keep with the sneek peek shots. And also, I am making two of this quilt. I have a odd little space on one of the walls in the sewing room so I am making it to go there. Or am I?! I have the tops of these quilts finished, have to embellish the birds and then ready to sandwich and quilt. Hopefully next week's WIP will not be dolls quilt related.


Cascade Lily said...

LOL you're welcome re piano keys Helen :)

It's looking lovely - but I know what you mean - I am itching to get onto something bigger - and that will stay in this house!

I can't get enough of your flickr swap quilt fabrics - and the birds are too sweet. Looking forward to seeing the final version/s!

Cass said...

Great as usual Helen. I especially love the one with the birds on it

ingrid said...

Oh those birdies are looking lovely! I adore the colours you have used.

Natalie said...

They are both looking fantastic Helen!!! I can't wait to start my next quilt

Karen said...

Helen I'd still gaze in awe at your work if every post was about a doll quilt!!
Can't wait to see the finished projects.