Sunday, April 13, 2008

Dolls Quilt Progress

I'm excitied! I have just sandwiched the dolls quilt for the 4 Seasons swap. Yahh! Its going to be exactly 20 inches in width too! Double yahhhhhh! No more photos till it is finished. Its school holidays here at the moment so I should get in more sewing than usual hopefully if I let the girls amuse themselves!

And its good that I have nearly finished that dolls quilt as now I can get stuck into this one for the flickr dolls quilt swap. All these swaps at the moment! I've pulled out the fabric I want to use, theres a few charm squares in there from my recent shop here and also a few scraps in there from both my swap partners in the two scrap swaps I was just in! I have a little sketch of my design which you can just see the bottom of, just a sneek peak as I know my swapee reads my blog... But I have been very clear on my sketch of what size the blocks will be. Now just to stick to the sketch.


Emma said...

I love the more muted colours you've pulled out for the next quilt, too!

Harmany Quilting said...

It's all looking so lovely and the next quilt will too, by the look of the fabric that you have chosen

Cascade Lily said...

Well done Helen! *sigh* I wish I had more sewing time! And your sneak peak looks very intriguing! No doubt you'll finish it fast and then we can see it!