Friday, April 25, 2008

Dolls Quilt finished!

I wasn't going to post till the weekend, but I have just finished the label on the below quilt, and just couldn't stand those ugly, ugly hexagons anymore at the top. So I am posting! You are welcome to still post a comment there if you would like them.

I have finished my Dolls Quilt for the flickr dolls quilt swap! Horrrayyyyyyyy! I am excitied I can post it tomorrow. I have really enjoyed sewing this one, went out of my colour comfort zone for a change. Loved it so much I actually sewed two versions. The above one and one slightly different for my own wall. Its off to the USA again like the last one. I'm only doing a sneek peak of it cause I think my swapee knows she has me, just a feeling from a post comment.... I'll leave it at that!


Emma said...

I'm intrigued. It looks as though you've managed to quilt the binding, and I want to see! I hope you have lots of wall space for all these quilts!

Cass said...

What a tease I can't wait to see this. Oh and I don't want to win the hexagons thanks LOL

susan said...

hmm was it me, did i say something?? who do you have? you can tell me, i wont say anything....hehe

Cascade Lily said...

I really, really want to see this one! Let's hope the mail between here and there is fast!

Christie said...

Your quilt looks fantastic, nice work.

How did you make that fantastic label...?

I AM said...

Can I just tell you that I AM IN LOVE!!!!!

Thank you so very, very much for this beautiful quilt. It is awesome and I couldn't be happier. I promise to blog about it in the next few days.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!