Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Hello Janome 1600P!

Hello Janome 1600P!! Isn't she a beauty? With the arrival of the parents also came the arrival of Mum's Janome 1600P she brought last year. I mean, they are in a caravan, they don't have room for this! It was bad enough that Mr Happy Jack had to be packed up into storage but this baby as well? No way! I told Mum to put it on the back seat and bring it up and I would babysit it. I have finally unpacked it at last. The parents have been here 3 weeks but I wanted to do Lynne's quilt and my placemat swap on my old machine, didn't want to waste time getting to know a new machine on projects that had to be done by a certain time, know what I mean?

I had to get a walking foot sent up from Perth as it had only been used for free motion quilting on the Happy Jack frame. So once that arrived I was ready to go. I've started quilting this little dolls quilt in time for the party on Saturday. Just a simple white straight stitch up and down. Already I am in love with the pressure foot adjuster, that's good! Extension table, very nice too. 9 inch window to work in, very, very nice!

I am just loving the stitches, all even and a dream to sew! It has made me realize there was something wrong with my previous walking foot or maybe it was my sewing machine? It can FMQ like a dream but it has never produced stitches like this while using my walking foot. Never. I always had to sort of tug the fabric through, now with this baby, it just glides. I did say to Daz that when the parents return to Perth and Mum wants her machine back, there is no way I can go back to sewing with my old machine, I'll need a new one by then. I just got the non commital hmmmmm from him. They are planning to be away for 18 months so I've got lots of time to work on him!


Meredith said...

Maybe by the time she gets back - and 18 months is a LONG time - you will have used it so much that she will need to get a new one and you won't have to give it back!

jacquie said...

amazing what a machine like that will do for you. i bet you're smiling from ear to ear!

Poppyprint said...

How nice for you! Wow, 18 months, that sounds like a major adventure...all in Aus by caravan, or are they touring the world?

sopheecat said...

I love accidently 'inheriting' things. I got a slow cooker recently that way.


Jan said...

Oh that machine is the one I dream of. I have a Janome 5027, little ripper but I so covet the 1600P Janome. Oh well, maybe if I win lotto?